what to do with old dresser mirror

What to Do with an Old Dresser Mirror? Don’t Throw Away!!!

Do you have an old dresser mirror? Probably, it does not suit your modern house, does it? So, you may be wondering, what to do with the old dresser mirror. You might not have an idea of recreating something using your old dresser mirror. So, let us explain to you how you can reuse it in another aesthetic way instead of throwing it away. If you think out of the box, you will also see how you can reuse the dresser mirror. Refer to the below paragraphs and get some ideas to start your fun DIY project!

Are Mirrored Dressers Outdated? 

Mirrored dressers are not outdated. What happens is it comes with different materials and designs day by day. Thus, the mirrored dressers that were produced years ago are considered outdated.

Earlier, the mirror and the drawers were attached to each other, but now those items come separately.

Therefore, you can customize the shape and the size of the mirror and attach it to the height you want.

Anyways, if you love classic furniture, you can still use the mirrored dresser as it is. There is no particular way to choose the furniture for your house; what you love is the best choice for your home!

Can you Modernize an Old Dresser? How? 

Yes, of course! If the dresser mirror has worn out, you can do some renovations to give it a modern look.

  1. First, remove all the drawers and clean them thoroughly.
  2. Next, you are going to change the bottom edge of your dresser to set a new trim. Use a screwdriver or any other suitable tool according to your furniture.
  3. After that, the new furniture legs should be attached using a leg kit. At present, there are very simple designs for those furniture items. Make sure to attach them evenly.
  4. Use sand papers to sand the pieces and make them smooth. If there are nail holes, fill them using a wood filler.
  5. Then, use a foam roller and/or a small brush to apply 2 to 3 coats of semi-gloss paint. It would be better to use a primer before painting.
  6. Wait a few hours until the paint is completely dry. Next, you can set up some new knobs for the drawers. Choose knobs with simple designs as they are compatible with modern furniture.

Can you Modernize an Old Dresser How


What to Do with an Old Dresser Mirror? 

There are tons of ideas for reusing dresser mirrors on the internet. These are our recommendations which do not want you to make much effort and spend a lot of money. No one will think that this is an old dresser mirror!

  1. Create a Picture Frame

If the mirror is too damaged, you can remove it and turn the frame into a picture frame. You will need a picture of your preference, glass, and a backboard with hooks to attach the frame to the wall.

Carefully remove the mirror first, then glue the glass, the picture and finally, the board.

Make sure to use a strong adhesive to bind them well to the frame. Finally, hang the frame using the hooks.

  1. Create a Message Board

This is a nice way to motivate yourself. You can remove the mirror frame and glue a whiteboard, blackboard or even cardboard to write and display something that motivates you.

To decorate the frame, you can use some glitter, stickers, etc. There is no limitation to the message you write.

You can even use it to write your to-do list, upcoming events, shopping lists, etc.

  1. Create a Hook Board

Remove the mirror and attach some wood or plastic strips across the frame. Then take some hooks and place them in the strips. You can use this hook board to hang your keys or any other important stuff. Again, you can decorate the frame or color-wash it to look better.

  1. Create a Creeper Aid

Take the frame without the mirror and hang it in your garden as an aid for creepers. It will make your garden so charming, especially if you use it for a flower creeper.

You can even hang a small, light plant amid the frame. But ensure to place the frame tightly.

If the mirror is in good condition, you can use it to create different items. You can just cut the mirror into a shape you like and glue them on your jewelry box or any other appliance. When you cut the mirror, you should wear gloves and use specific tools.

These are some of the ideas, but you can think limitlessly to add something new to your home using an old dresser mirror.

How to Turn a Dresser Mirror Into a Wall Mirror? 

Here you have to separate the mirror from the drawers first. The method to separate them might vary from one piece of furniture to the other.

Most of the time, you will need a heat gun to melt the glue that has been used to attach the mirror. Then you have two separate pieces of your dresser mirror.

Now take the mirror and clean the edges. If there are some residues from the glue, you need to use some heavy-duty cleaning agent to remove them. After that, you can do whatever you want to give the mirror a new look; mostly, you can color-wash the frame.

After it dries, attach the hooks on the backside of the mirror. There are various hardware items to hang the mirror, such as D-rings, hanging wire, mirror mounting clips, etc. Choose the best hardware kit according to the weight of the mirror.

How to Hang the Dresser Mirror on the Wall? 

  1. Weigh the mirror first to purchase the relevant mirror-hanging hardware kit. The label of the kit tells how much weight the hardware can hold.
  2. Measure the width and the length of the mirror and decide a suitable place to hang it.
  3. Use a small power drill to drill the holes in the wall. Use the current drill bit for the screws that contains in the hardware kit.
  4. Take the heavy-duty wire and attach it to the D-rings.
  5. Mark 2 pencil marks on the wall to insert the wall anchors. And screw the hooks onto the anchors.
  6. Hang the mirror as the wire can position over the hooks.

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