what does e5 mean on hisense air conditioner

What does E5 Mean on Hisense Air Conditioner? (Faults and Fixes)

Hisense is a well-known brand for reliable air conditioners and other electronic equipment. But your Hisense portable air conditioner may show an error code as e5. What does e5 mean on Hisense air conditioner? Yes, this error code indicates an issue with the equipment that can be easily prevented. Today we will answer this question from our article. So, you will be able to know the causes plus how to fix this error.

What does E5 Mean on Hisense Air Conditioner? 

Any electronic equipment can malfunction due to various reasons, and most of the time, they will show you an error code to indicate the issue. Accordingly, the problem that is shown by e5 on Hisense portable air conditioner is the water collection tank has become full.

You may wonder why this case occurs because the latest Hisense portable air conditioners come with the feature of fully self-evaporating. So, the AC has the ability to recycle the water gathered by condensation. Therefore, draining is not needed.

So, what is the reason behind it? The climate changes make the water tank full. If there is extreme humidity, the air contains excessive moisture. Thus, the AC itself cannot fully evaporate the moisture. As a result, the water tank becomes full.

When the tank is full, the air conditioner shuts down by itself. Otherwise, the water can overflow from the tank.

What Causes Error E5 on Hisense Air Conditioner? 

Apart from the above-discussed issue caused by the humidity, there may be some other reasons behind this error code.

  1. A Clog in the Drain Hose – there is a component in air conditioners to drain the condensate; it is called a drain hose. With time, dirt, dust, as well as mold can gather inside the drain hose, so it can be clogged. The consequence will be a full water tank because water does not have a path, so it returns to the tank.
  2. The Evaporator Coil is Frozen – the evaporator coil needs adequate warm air to function properly. Otherwise, it can be frozen. Apart from the low temperature, a lot of contaminants and filthy air filters can cause this issue on the evaporator coil. When the AC is turned off, the melted ice will fill the tank. Whenever you turn the AC on, the machine notices that the water level is high inside the tank, so it will show the error code.
  3. The Refrigerant Level is Low – the refrigerant usually remains stable, and so does its level. But sometimes it can leak because of tear or wear. If the level decrease, again, the evaporator coil can be frozen so the error code can appear. Moreover, it is a treat to the capability of cooling air.

Does Hisense AC Need to be Drained? 

As the company features, you do not have to drain the newest Hisense portable air conditioner because of its ability to self-evaporating. This feature cannot be seen in some old models. Anyways, you will have to drain even the latest models due to climate changes.

The reason why all portable air conditioning units collect moisture if the environment is too humid. Then, there is no option except to drain the excess water from the air conditioner. The frequency you should do this depends on the condition of the climate. Normally, you have to drain a portable air conditioner every 8 hours.

How do you Drain a Hisense Air Conditioner? 

  1. Turn the power supply off.
  2. Next, you should unplug the AC. You will find the plug on the right of the unit.
  3. Find the drip tray which contains water. The drip tray is at the bottom or on the side of a window unit.
  4. Now you should pour some vinegar over half of the drip tray. Vinegar has the ability to break water deposits.
  5. Let the AC drain. It will take at least 3 hours, but you can keep it overnight.  
  6. When the time is over, you can drain the vinegar on the tray.
  7. Clean the air conditioner removing all the debris. Pour some clean water on the tray and rinse.
  8. Wait till the tray is fully dry.
  9. After it dries completely, you can place the tray again. Make sure to fix it properly as it was.
  10. Now you can turn the AC on again!

How Do I Fix the E5 Error on my Hisense Air Conditioner? 

Follow one of these methods to fix the e5 error.

  1. Turn off the air conditioner and unplug it. Then put a container under the drain port allowing the condensate to drain into the bowl. After a while, you can replace the drain port and turn on the AC to check whether e5 has disappeared.
  2. A clogged drain hose can also cause this issue, as mentioned above. In order to clean it, you should disconnect the hose and clean it using a brush. If it is too unclean, you can set a new hose.
  3. Another component to check is the air filter. If it has become filthy, remove it and rinse it with tap water. Make sure to dry it well before replacing it.
  4. If the evaporator is unclean from debris, take a can of compressed air and blow away all the dust and debris. Moreover, you can apply a coil cleaner for a rapid cleaning.
  5. If all the above components have no issue, your air conditioner might want to recharge. So, you have to visit a technician since the refrigerant level should be tested with specific tools and find the place of leakage.

How do I Know My AC is Draining? 

If you can notice the following symptoms, your AC is probably draining.

  1. First, you will feel that the air conditioner does not do its duty, so the air is not cooled; the machine is turned on, though.
  2. You will smell a musty or moldy smell around the air conditioner.
  3. You will see standing water near the AC unit. This is one of the most common clues.
  4. The walls and puddles can be wet due to this issue as well.
  5. At last, the air conditioner will shut down by itself, and you will not be able to turn it on again.

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