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Dealing with a Water Shooting Toilet: What You Need to Know

Water shooting out of toilet is one of the last things you would want to witness when entering the toilet because it is an unpleasant view. Though accidents are normal in a home, water shooting out of toilet could be one of the worst experiences. However, when you encounter accidents, it is normal to panic because you are unsure of the reasons or are confused about how to fix the issue.

Suppose you are worried about the water shooting out of toilet. In that case, you are at the right place to get your issues solved because, in this article, we will discuss the issues relating to the water shooting out of toilet, how to fix them, and the issues related to it.

If your water is shooting out of the toilet, the defect is closely related to issues in the plumbing; however, the reason cannot be confirmed before you examine the defective toilet. That is how this article will be handy for you; ensure to stick to the article and read it till the very end.

Water Causes Water to Shoot out of a Toilet?

One of the first questions to your head when you witness the water shooting out of toilet, one of the first questions to your head is, why is my toilet shooting water? As previously stated, there are many reasons for a defective toilet, and it is also crucial to find out the causes before you fix the issue. Thus, below are some of the possible causes for your toilet to shoot water out.

1. The faulty toilet tank and toilet bowl

O ring gaskets and bolts can loosen over time if rusted. Hence, if the O ring gaskets are damaged in the toilet tank base or toilet bowl base, you may face toilet leakages.

Another reason that causes water to shoot out of the toilet is if the toilet tank is damaged. Because toilet tanks can get damaged due to external factors, accidents, or if you have used them for a very long time, thus, if there are any cracks or holes in the toilet, ensure to fix them because the cracks could get worse and shoot water out of the toilet.

2. Wax ring damaged

The wax rings in the toilet are installed under the drain pipe to avoid leakages from the toilet base when flushed. But,  the wax ring can wear over time and damage the sealant. (Felbatol) As a result of the damaged wax rings, it can cause leakages in the toilet when you flush and spray water out on high pressure.

3. Issues in the fill valve

The toilet’s fill valve lets water flow through the standpipe and refills your flush system. But if the filling valve is damaged, it will not refill the toilet bowl and spray water from the fill valve.

4. Damaged Flappers

Toilet flappers flow water to the toilet bowl continuously from the toilet tank. However, if the flappers get jammed over time, the water cannot be regulated to the toilet bowl. As a result, the water sprays out of the toilet tank if you do not fix the jammed flapper in the initial stages.

5. Leakages in the seals

Another common reason the water shooting out of toilet could be caused due to leakages in the seals. A toilet comes with six seals to maintain the standard and avoid leakages. The larger seal is the most prominent and crucial component to maintaining the standards. However, if the main seal breaks, it will spray water from the bowl when you flush it.

6. Overflow

AN overflow in the toilet is often caused if the floater is damaged in the toilet tanks because the floater maintains the appropriate levels in the toilet tank. But, if the floater is defective, it will be unable to limit the water filling in the tank. As a result, you will see the toilet tanks overflow and shoot water out in worse situations.

7. Damaged water line system

The water system is responsible for supplying water to your toilet; butt water could shoot from the toilet if there is any damage. The reason for the water line system to damage is if the water pressure is high, and the pipe breaks when it cannot withstand the pressure. As a result, there will be leakages when you flush.

8. Loose fill hose

A fill hose is installed inside the toilet tank to send water to its overflow. But if the fill hose is lost because of an improper installment, it could shoot water out of the toilet tank.

How to Identify the Cause of Water Shooting out of a Toilet?

If you suspect any defect in your toilet, it is better to examine the issues before the situation worsens. Thus, below are some of the tips used to recognize the cause of the water shooting out of the toilet.

  1. Add vibrant food coloring inside the toilet tank.
  2. Leave it for 10 minutes and recheck if there are food coloring traces in the toilet tank.
  3. If you see any signs of food coloring, you can confirm the toilet is leaking.

How to Identify the Cause of Water Shooting out of a Toilet?

How to Fix a Clogged Drain?

If the drain is clogged in the toilet, you can use a plunger in the bowl and apply pressure just over the hole. Once the water has subsided, press the flush button, and you are done.

If you do not have a plunger, you fix the clogged drain by pouring hot water or adding solvents like vinegar, baking soda, or dishwashing detergent.

How to Fix Issues with the Flush Valve or Flapper?

If the flappers or flush valve is damaged in the toilet, replacing them is the best option to fix it permanently. Because if you use adhesives to temporarily fix it,  they can worsen the damage. Thus, if replacing a new flush valve, it is recommended to use the Fluidmaster 400 AH Perfomax toilet fill valve.

But if you are facing issues with the flapper because it jammed, you can unjam it. However, if the flappers are damaged, it is best to replace new ones.

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When to Call a Professional?

It is always recommended to call a professional when you need to replace damaged parts that cause the water to shoot out of the toilet.

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