can rust-oleum be used on wood

Can Rust-Oleum Be Used On Wood Safely? [Answered]

When dealing with wood, you must use suitable products that work well on the surface. If you are planning to paint the wood, you might know that there are several products available in the market that you can use on a wooden surface. Many people ask “can Rust-Oleum be used on wood.” If you also have the same confusion, then by reading the article, you can figure out if it is suitable.

Rust-oleum is a popular product that many people use at home and for commercial purposes. Since not all types of paint will be suitable for wood before applying, it is better to ensure whether it is suitable.

In Rust-Oleum, you would notice different varieties of the product. So, when selecting the most appropriate type that is suitable for your project will be quite overwhelming. By painting the wood, you will obtain the desired color, providing an aesthetic look to the house. Also, it will act as a protective coating.

What Is Rust-Oleum?

Simply put, Rust-Oleum manufactures protective paint you can use at home. This type of paint is also used for commercial purposes. Rust-oleum is famous for manufacturing industrial paint, premium consumer, and coating products.

The spray paint of Rust-Oleum will help to prevent rust. Hence this brand is one of the leading manufacturers. You will notice products that are suitable for both home-based and commercial projects. Although the Rust-Oleum product will perform well on different surfaces, it is essential to know whether you can apply it on wooden surfaces if you are trying to choose this product.

Can Rust-Oleum Be Used on Wood?

If you want to paint on wood, you will have to check the product you can use depending on the type of wood. Can Rust-Oleum be used on wood? Yes, you can use Rust-Oleum on wooden surfaces. When elaborating on the use of Rust-Oleum on wood before understanding the application process, you will have to check on the type of wood and the suitable Rust-Oleum product for your project.

Type of Wood

If you have installed hardwood flooring for your house and thought of painting on top of it using the Rust-Oleum product, this will be a good option. If the wood is horizontal, it will be easy to apply Rust-Oleum, while if it is in the vertical position, you must adjust it until the paint dries.

You might also know that wood flooring will contain grain, especially if you are using oak flooring. Hence in such a situation, you will need to apply several coats to ensure that the grains get covered. Hence when the number of coatings increases, the money you spend on Rust-Oleum will also increase.

How To Choose Suitable Rust-Oleum Product?

The next thing you will have to consider after checking on the wood type is the suitable Rust-Oleum product you will use in the project. You don’t have to worry whether the suitable product will be available since Rust-Oleum contains almost all the necessary products.

Hence if you feel difficult to decide on the products, you can get the help of a professional to make sure which type of Rust-Oleum will be suitable for the types of wood you will be installing. If you think using the traditional can of paint will make the process messy, choose the Rust-Oleum spray.

Safety Concerns When Using Rust-Oleum

If you are trying to DIY, then it is important to consider the safety precaution before getting into such works. When you get engaged in paintwork, you will know that the paint might get into your clothes. So, it is better to refrain from wearing good clothes during the task.

Ensure that you wear a long-sleeved dress so the paint will not touch your skin. Also, wearing gloves can prevent the paint from getting into your hands. If you are allergic to the smell of paint, then you can wear a mask or respirator.

How to Use Rust-Oleum on Wood?

Now let’s discuss how you can apply Rust-Oleum on wood. By following the instructions given below, you will be able to complete the task successfully.

Sanding the Wood

Mask yourself before starting this process, as you can prevent dust particles from entering the mouth or nose. Once you have checked the type of wood, you will use for the project, next you will have to prepare the surface by sanding. It is better to use medium-grit sandpaper and sand it with wood grain.

Using the same pressure sand, the entire surface, and once you are done, you have to remove the dust and the wooden shaving by using a cloth. Before going to the next step, it is important to check whether the wooden surface is smooth after sanding. If the surface is smooth, it is easy to apply Rust-Oleum. If not, the painting process will be hard.

Priming the wooden surface

The next step is to use a good primer for your wooden surface. The main reason for priming the surface is to ensure durability. After priming the surface, you must wait patiently until it dries well. Usually, the drying time will be around three hours, but this might change according to the weather condition.

Applying Rust-Oleum

First, open the can of Rust-Oleum and stir the paint well. If you are using the spray, shake it before using it, and then you can spray it uniformly on the wooden surface. Using a roller or paint brush, you can apply the Rust-Oleum to the wood if you are using the traditional can.

Once completely applied on the wooden surface, allow it to dry. It will take around two hours to dry completely. To ensure durability, it is better to apply an additional coating of Rust-Oleum. Hence, once the first coat dries with a fine sandpaper scuff sand the wooden surface. Then you can apply the next coating. You can repeat this process for more additional coating. This way, you will be able to apply Rust-Oleum to your wood.

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