pressure washer losses pressure when trigger pulled

Pressure Washer Losses Pressure When Trigger Pulled – Reasons

When you wanna give your bicycle a good clean and need to get it done ASAP, the pressure washer becomes your lifesaver. What if you find that pressure washer losses pressure when trigger pulled? We are going to discuss the issue and the solutions in this article. 

A pressure washer or a power washer can be used to clean anything. Dirt, dust, and mud, even concrete can be removed with the pressure washer. But you have to be careful to use the correct nozzle that matches the surface you are cleaning. You cannot use the nozzle that is used to wash out the concrete for a wooden surface.

If so, you will end up with damages to your valuable structures or the furniture. A pressure washer is an ideal option to clean the mold and fungus in the exterior walls of your house or the building. It can be used to clean walkways, roads, patios, and decks, for instance. 

Pressure Washer Losses Pressure When Trigger Pulled

There are six main parts of a pressure washer. In let is the pathway through which the water moves into the pump. ( Then the motor inside the pump is activated, and the water that has increased pressure then is transferred to an outlet valve. Then the pressurized water enters the pressure hose.

Using a hard material to make the pressure handle without exploding is important. The highest pressure of water that comes to the outlet valve may be more than 4000 PSI. Therefore, the pressure hoses are made with the technology to bear a pressure that is 4 times higher than the maximum pressure of the outlet valve.

The trigger is there to expel the pressure inside, and this release must be done after every 2 minutes for healthier pump performance. 

Pressure washer losses pressure when trigger pulled, and you need to fix it; here comes the most awaited answer for you. There are many reasons for this issue. We have noted down the list below with the explanation. Do have a look!

Does a Dirty Nozzle Affect the Pressure of a Pressure Washer?

The nozzle of a pressure washer plays a vital role in maintaining the highest performance. With time, this nozzle may be contaminated with residuals. You should regularly check the nozzle and clean it with kerosene if there is dirt. The nozzle is at the ending edge of the trigger. You can use a stick or suitable utensil to remove the dirt. 

If the nozzle is damaged, you will have to replace it. Other than the dirt, with time, it may wear out naturally. Therefore, checking the nozzle is one of the first comes to do when you are operating a power washer. 

Does a Dirty Nozzle Affect the Pressure of a Pressure Washer?

What Happens to the Pressure of a Pressure Washer If the Unloader Valve Malfunctions? 

The unloader valve is used for the safety of the machine. It also makes handling easier. There are two techniques used in unloader valves Flow actuated and pressure actuated. These valves are responsible for returning water that the nozzle did not take out. Thus, the valve act as a water-saving method. 

The unloader valve has the ability to decrease the pressure or increase it to the desired level. If this is damaged, the pressure at the nozzle will be reduced, and it will make the water stream coming out less pressured. 

You can find it near the outlet end of the machine. The outlet end is the place where the hose is connected to the pressure washer. After removing it, wash it while scrubbing the dirt with a wire brush. Then start the machine and check whether all is well. You will have to replace the unloader valve if it has the same fault. 

Sometimes the fault will be on the spring of the unloader valve. It is situated inside the valve. There is a high chance that this spring will get affected by the rust with time. Therefore, you will have to clean the rust or replace the spring to overcome the issue. 

Can Piston Faults Affect the Pressure Washer to Lose Pressure?

If the pressure of your pressure washer decreases after pulling the trigger, there are possibilities of having failures in the piston. The piston is the component that determines the amount of water flowing. 

Take out the piston and clean well. After cleaning it, replace it and try pressure washing. If it does not work either, you will have to go for a new piston. 

How Do Leaks Affect the Pressure of a Pressure Washer?

When you are operating the pressure washer, you can check for leaks and hidden holes. For instance, these physical damages may occur due to wrong components and faulty storage. If the treatments do not change anything, you will have to replace the hose.

It is Time to Investigate the Oil

If your pressure washer is a gas-operating machine, you must check the oil regularly and replace it if needed. This will maintain the continuous high-pressure states in the machine. 

Check Whether the Belt Slipping Happens

If there is a belt in your pressure washer, you may have missed checking it. Let’s do it now. If the belt has loosened or damaged, these kinds of errors occur. If the issue continues after you tighten the belt, you will have to purchase a new one. 

Low Pressure in the Water Supply 

When you pull the trigger, the pressure may be decreased if there is not enough water supply from the source. As mentioned in the manual of the machine, you need to regulate the PSI and GPM values. Higher PSIs are used to remove the hardest substances from a surface; therefore, we can name the PSI value as a quality of the water stream that comes out. GPM indicates the volume of water coming out per minute. 


A pressure washer losses pressure when trigger pulled due to many reasons. We have included those in this article. If you cannot find the exact fault, it would be better to get the help of a technician to correct the issue.  

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