Is Starburst Halal

Is Starburst Halal – Is It Okay To Enjoy A Starburst Candy?

People of all ages enjoy soft, chewable, and fruity starburst treats; all you need is a sweet tooth. A popular candy called Starburst is available in almost every convenience or grocery store. It is a little fruit-flavored candy bar in the form of a box created by Mars Incorporated’s Wrigley Company. But you might be wondering is Starburst is halal. Can Muslims living abroad eat it? To determine if the well-known candy is halal or haram, we shall research its constituents in this blog post.

What Is Starburst?

A juicy candy in the form of a box is known by the brand name Starburst, also known as Opal Fruits in the UK. The candies get produced by Mars Incorporated’s subsidiary Wrigley Company.

Black currant, lemon or lime, orange, and strawberries were the initial flavors of the sweet when it was first made available in the UK in 1960. Several fresh tropical flavors are available, including banana, mango, pineapple, melon, cherry, and kiwi. Both kids and adults love these delicious and juicy sweets. Similarly, the nation’s Muslim population enjoys sweets as well.

What Are The Ingredients Of Starburst?

We will examine the elements included in almost every candy item because many different Starburst goods are available. Hence, it is always essential to check the product’s component list before consulting a local Islamic expert for advice.

  • Sugar
  • Grains Syrup
  • Juice from Concentrated Fruit
  • Vinegary citrus
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • coloring substances
  • Dextrose (A form of sugar produced from cornstarch and is naturally present in certain fruits and honey.)
  • palm oil or hydrogenated palm oil
  • Dextrin
  • Gelatin
  • starch-modified food
  • Absorbic acidic
  • Acacia
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Salt Citrate
  • Cornstarch-modified
  • Sweetener’s Glaze
  • flavored extracts

Does Starburst Have Gelatin?

Starburst contains gelatin. Animal collagen is the source of the protein known as gelatin, which gets frequently used in cuisine as a gelling agent. Starburst’s chewy texture is a result of the usage of gelatin.

Although some people might have moral reservations about consuming gelatin-based goods, they are typically considered harmless. However, those who have allergies to specific animals may wish to stay away from Starburst since the gelatin may cause a response.

Animal skin and bones are utilized to make the gelatin used in the sweets. This implies that starbursts are a poor choice if you’re seeking a candy suitable for vegans.

Islamic stance on halal and haram

Muslims worldwide look to the Quran and the Sunnah for direction in living their lives following Islamic principles. Modern Muslims can embrace the timeless guidelines found in these two primary sources of guidance without reservation.

When determining whether a meal or a certain deed is halal or haram, the Quran provides unambiguous injunctions, much as its evident guiding principles for other facets of human existence.

According to this Quran verse, halal food gets differentiated from haram food in Islam. Carrion, which includes dead flesh, blood, and pig (pig meat) is forbidden, according to a passage in the Holy Quran. Furthermore, it is prohibited to sacrifice any halal animal to a divinity other than Allah.

Is Starburst halal – Depends

So, is Starburst halal? As was already mentioned, several Starburst goods have haram components, including vanilla extract and gelatin. However, some substances, such as organic and inorganic food flavors and colored compounds, remain unknown in their origin.

It is forbidden if Starburst or gelatin gets found in any pig parts. Similar to vanilla extracts, they are prohibited if they contain any alcohol at all. Additionally, the sweets will become haram if they include any additional haram component.

Also, gelatin is halal if it gets made from animals killed following accepted practices. The same is true if the vanilla extract is alcohol-free and all other substances used in sweets are halal.

Is Alcohol Present In Starburst Candy?

The main problem that confused us over if Starburst is halal or not was the conclusion of the alcohol in the flavor throughout the candy’s manufacturing process. The amount of alcohol found could not be independently verified, and the alcohol content was unclear.

Because some manufacturers include a little alcohol in their products during the production process, we discussed this when arguing whether or not vanilla extract is halal.

However, we did learn that Islamic scholars had concluded that intoxication was a thin line. A product is not halal and is not appropriate for consumption if it includes enough alcohol to get you drunk. Since there isn’t enough alcohol in Starburst to create intoxication in this instance, its presence shouldn’t raise any red flags.

Even if it makes them drunk, sure folks won’t consume anything that even has a tiny bit of alcohol in it. On the other hand, some individuals decide to consume foods that only have minute amounts of non-intoxicating alcohol.

It would be best if you made the ultimate decision. However, we highly suggest that you do further research before doing so. We understand that each person has their limit, a hotly debated topic. We’re merely providing the information we found so you may draw your conclusions.

How to find a halal Starburst to eat?

The producer should get contacted to obtain a list of all the components used in the confectionery to determine if it is halal or haram. Then, ask a local Muslim expert for advice on whether the sweet product is halal or haram.

Likewise, research any halal certificates issued by Islamic authorities on a particular product.

Final Thought

To sum up, the Quran and Sunnah prohibit any product containing haram components, but those with halal ingredients get considered halal. To make a reasonable choice based on the Holy Quran and the Sunnah principles, it is essential to research a product’s ingredients and consult with a reputable Islamic scholar before making a decision.

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