Is poplar good firewood

Is Poplar Good Firewood? [Splitting, Seasoning Time, BTU]

For anyone who travels to Northern regions, the erect and tall balsam poplar trees met in a forest walk will add a lifetime mesmerizing memory. You may have wondered about the uses of a poplar tree by looking at those giants. Is poplar good firewood? If you end up with this question, scroll down! We have the answer for you. 

Poplar includes a variety of species, and in numbers, there are about 30 species. Balsam poplar, Black poplar, White poplar, and Laurel-leaf poplar are some popular poplar types. Some species are called aspen in everyday vocabulary, including golden aspen, American aspen, trembling aspen, etc. Some species are denoted by the name Cottonwood.

In general, a poplar will grow fast and will reach at least about 50 meters in height. Some species may exceed 150 meters. Poplars will need a lot of water for their growth. 

Is Poplar Good Firewood?

As a whole, hardwoods are considered the best to put on your fireplace as they give a lengthier burning period, and they are also with lesser secretions. These facts have conversed in softwoods. Greenwoods are also to keep away from your stove to avoid excess amounts of creosote. Any firewood becomes fire-friendly if only its moisture content is 20% or lower than that. 

Is Poplar good firewood? If you know whether it is a hardwood or a softwood, or a greenwood, you have the answer. But it is not only the fact you need to consider when choosing woods for fire. It is also important to check the strength of the fire and whether it produces creosotes. (Ativan)  

When we consider poplar, it is hardwood. But poplar gives a small fire when compared with other hardwoods like oak, ash, or apple, for instance. Balsam poplar is the mostly used poplar species for wood.

It may also contain some amount of sap. If you have a poplar seasoned poplar wood collection, it would be better to use those to start the fire in your firepit or a campfire.

Poplar logs will complete the burning in two hours. Therefore, you will have to use additional denser hardwoods like oak and cherry to get a warmer fire and to continue it for a long time, like to heat up a house the whole night. Some users have claimed that Poplar was a wood that gave a lot of pop-ups. 

Although poplar has sap, it is a minimum quantity when considering the other commonly used wood in fires. On the other hand, you should be prepared to deal with the smoke if you use green poplar firewood, as it will emit considerably more smoke. So, we suggest you let it dry rather than hurry to put it on your stove.

As with all the other woods, burning raw poplar will make a lot of creosotes in your pits and chimneys. Creosotes can be toxic and will make you spend more hours cleaning. 

How to Use Poplar for Firewood?

Poplar needs seasoning before use. You should cut the wood into logs and store it in a place higher than the ground level. This is essential to stop the rotting. As poplar is some wood with a lot of moisture, it will take about 6-12 months to dry it completely. When storing, you should make arrangements to allow enough airflow to dry up the moisture.

After the firewood is rested in the sunlight during summer, you can take it to the store where you store the wood in winter. As the poplar wood naturally presents less sap, you will find it easier to split as it creates less mess. 

To confirm the suitability for a fire, check the moisture percentage of the clogs using a moisture meter. 

How to Use Poplar for Firewood?

What are the Advantages of Using Poplar Firewood?

  • You may think that 12 months of seasoning time is too long. But when compared with woods like oak and ash wood, which take at least one year, poplar dries quickly. 
  • Poplar trees are gifts of nature that will grow into a tree over 50 feet in height within 5 or 6 years. When you cut down a poplar for wood, you can plant another and get the same amount of wood in less than 7 years. 
  • Poplar is a wood that can be found easily and will be cheaper to buy. 
  • Poplar catches fire easily. Hence becomes the ideal fire starter. 
  • Poplar can be used as an energy conservation method. You can use poplar fires for short-timed gatherings that last about 2 hours. You will not be wanted to put out the fire. (  

What are the Disadvantages of Using Poplar as Firewood?

  • As the burning time is less, you cannot use poplar for camping or any outdoor fires. 
  • As the smoke production is somewhat high, if you burn it inside a house, your curtains, furniture, and even clothing will present some build-ups of smoke. 
  • There is a risk of exposure to toxic carbon monoxide gas as per the higher smoke percentage. 
  • As we discussed earlier, there will be more cleaning. 

Is Poplar or Pine Better Firewood?

When we consider the fact of sap secretion, without a doubt, poplar becomes the best choice out of these two. Pine produces higher amounts of sap, that even famous for creating trouble when splitting. 

What is the Best Wood for Fire?

If the wood is a slow burner and it produces hotter flames, it becomes good firewood. Low sap percentage is also one of the main facts that determine the suitability to categorize under the best-to-use label. Hardwoods like apples, ash, maple, cherry, and walnut are the best burners. To become better firewood, any wood must be thoroughly dried. 

Is Poplar Wood Good for Anything?

Poplar is a cheaper wood that is widely used for plywood. It is also observed that poplar is used to make furniture and many interior structures as per its easy handling. 


Is Poplar good firewood? If you hesitate to plant a poplar in your backyard with this question, you will find the exact answer in this article with a clear explanation of each reason.  

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