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Is Jinro Soju Gluten Free? Read This First!!!

Is Jinro Soju Gluten Free? Let’s find out. If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you already know about Jinro Soju. Jinro soju is the green alcohol bottle often portrayed in Korean dramas and TV shows. Jinro Soju is a famous Alcoholic drink in South Korea, which is a clear neutral spirit in a green bottle.

The  Jinro Soju includes rice as its primary ingredient with alcohol and other starches. The Soju is served as a chill drink and can be consumed alone, with food, or even used in cocktail recipes.

If you are a person following a strict gluten-free diet or affected by coeliac disease, is Jinro Soju gluten free. Before you know the answer, you should be aware that the primary ingredient of the Soju is rice; hence it is not a wheat-free product.

What is Jinro Soju?

The Jinro Soju gives you a refreshing feeling, activating the dopamine hormones, but excessive shots make you dizzy.

As previously stated, the Jinro Soju is a famous South Korean alcohol-based drink you will commonly see in Korean dramas in a green bottle. The Soju is one of the top choices for parties, reunions, and karaoke nights in Korea. If you have been to Korea, you would easily spot the green Jinro soju bottle in almost every restaurant and hotel.

The Soju was first introduced in 1924 and has been the leading spirit drink for 20 years. It includes 50%  alcohol a vodka, also famously referred to as Korean Vodka.

Though the  Jinro Soju is traditionally made using Jinro rice and other kinds of wheat, it also comes in a wide range of flavors like green grape, plums, grapefruit, citrus, blueberry, apple, pineapple, peach, pomegranate, and strawberry.

What is Jinro Soju Made From?

The primary ingredient to make the Jinro Soju is fermenting the Jinro rice along with the other ingredients and boiling it in a pot. The ingredients are later blended and mixed with alcohol, leaving it in a distilled appliance for some time. Besides rice, the major ingredients in Jinro Soju are barley, tapioca, sweet potato, and wheat. The Soju was later developed by adding different fruits to manufacture Jinro-flavored Soju.

The Soju does not go bad and can be kept for an extended period, and it is best if the Jinro Soju is stored in a cold place to enjoy it best. If your Jinro Soju bottle has been opened at room temperature is preferable to enjoy it with a new Soju bottle.

Is Jinro Soju Gluten Free?

People have started to follow a more healthy lifestyle by avoiding gluten in their diets. Consuming gluten-free food has numerous benefits because gluten can be harmful to their health.

If you have coeliac disease or are gluten intolerant, you might fear that your alcoholic drink might contain gluten. Because the Jinro Soju is very tempting and refreshing and because of its popularity, you should try it out if you visit South Korea. But, you may need to be sure, and fear is Jinro Soju gluten free.

The Jinro Soju is made by fermenting the starches and wheat, boiling the ingredients, and storing them in a distilled pot that contains more than 50% alcohol. Because of the starchy ingredients, there are traces of gluten in the Soju. But the Jinro soju is also prepared with gluten-free rice, sweet potato, tapioca, and other fruit flavors.

Hence, if you are avoiding gluten in your diet, follow the ingredients or check with the buyer if the Jinro Soju is gluten-free.

Is Soju and Jinro the Same?

It is a common confusion to most since Jinro introduced the Soju in the early nineteen century and has been leading since. The confusion has made people ask if Soju and Jinro are the same.

Jinro is a famous company manufacturing Soju in South Korea, and it is not the only product they manufacture. Jinro also manufactures other alcoholic beverages, like Jinro red wine, Terra S. Light, Jinro Chamisul fresh, Jinro Hite, beers, whiskies, etc., apart from the Jinro Soju we all know.

Which Soju Brand is Gluten-free


Which Soju Brand is Gluten-free?

If you are going for a gluten-free Soju brand, it will be healthier than normal alcohol. Gluten-free Soju is more likely to be vegan and organic. The industry has a wide range of gluten-free Soju brands, including Jinro.

One of the best gluten-free Soju known is the West 32, manufactured using the world’s most distilled soy. But if you need help figuringine if your Soju has gluten, select a brand using Vodka instead of alcohol, like corn Vodka or Potato Vodka.

Is Flavored Soju Gluten?

The wide range of fruit-flavored Jinro Soju is gluten-free, unlike the clear traditional Soju made using rice, wheat, or barley. Hence, this flavored Jinro Soju also becomes completely safe for gluten intolerants and individuals who have Celiac disease.


The Jinro Soju is a famous alcoholic drink in South Korea and of often portrayed as a green bottle in Korean dramas or Shows. It has becomes traditional in Korea to enjoy Soju when you are out with friends or at gatherings.

If you had visited Korea, you would always spot the green Jinro Soju bottle in hotels or restaurants. The Soju is best served cold and can be consumed alone, with food. The Jinro soju is added to cocktails, and you might find over 10 recipes you can make using the Soju.

However, with all the fun benefits, Jinro Soju can be a concerning alcoholic drink for people avoiding gluten in their diets. Because the primary ingredient to make the Soju includes rice and other starchy ingredients.

Hence, coeliac patients and gluten intolerants are curious to know if Jinro Soju is gluten-free.

Thus, in the article, we have primarily discussed whether Jinro soju is gluten-free, discussing what Jinro soju is and what they are made from.

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