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Is Flex Seal Toxic? [Dangers & Toxic Exposure]

A fracture in the roof is a real headache as it makes rainwater enter our houses. Flex Seal is a trustworthy seal for any hole or fracture on concrete or brick roofing structures. Is Flex Seal toxic? You may have this question with the hesitation to use Flex Seal as a fixer for a home issue. Let’s clarify the toxicity of this popular lifesaver. 

Flex Seal is manufactured and distributed by the Florida-based company Flex Seal. The adhesive is a rubber-based material and acts as an instance sealer with its waterproofing quality. The products have been put forward to the market in different sizes, and there are four color options basically available, Black, White, Grey, and Clear.

The product range includes Flex Seal spray, Flex Shot, Flex Tape, Flex Glue, adhesive remover, etc. Since its introduction, the product has gained massive attention in the market. This is because of proofing quality in any weather condition and durability. 

Is Flex Seal Toxic?

Flex Seal products, when used as directed, are generally safe. However, they contain chemicals that may emit fumes during application, which can be harmful if inhaled in large quantities. For a comprehensive understanding of safety precautions and potential risks associated with specific Flex Seal products, continue reading and refer to the product’s safety data sheet.

  • The official website of Flex Seal has stated that the Flex Seal sprays have been manufactured with cancerous compounds like Carbon Black and Silicon dioxide. When these two are inhaled excessively, they cause various other effects too. Carbon Black has a tendency to cause lung diseases associated with coughing and irritations of the respiratory organs and eyes. Silicon dioxide or quartz dust will damage your lungs, and it will be displayed in coughing and shortness of breath. As a long-term effect patient’s weight could be reduced. 
  • Ethylbenzene, methylbenzene, isopropyl benzene, and benzene are some other disease-causing chemical compounds in Flex Seal sprays.

Ethylbenzene– Even short-term interactions cause throat irritations and tightness in the chest. Eye irritations and effects on the nervous system will also be displayed. 

Methylbenzene– Exposure will result in both long-term and short-term illnesses. Skin irritations have been identified as short-term effects here. Reproductive and neurological failures could take place as long-term effects of methylbenzene contact. 

Isopropyl benzene– A slightly toxic nature prevails when inhaled, taken accidentally with food, and contacted with the skin. If the contact happens on a larger scale, the person will lose consciousness. Dizziness and loss of muscle control have been identified in such patients. 

Benzene- When entered inside the human body, benzene act as a barrier for the production of red blood cells and white blood cells. This means benzene directly affects our natural immunity of us as it affects white blood cells and antibodies. There is also a threat of being subjected to anemia. Benzene also results in abnormal childbirth. 

  • Flex Seal products use Titanium dioxide, which is also a mildly toxic chemical compound. If you expose to fumes for a long time, you will sometimes end with irritations in the eyes and respiratory organs. There is also a risk of damaging the reproductive system. Titanium dioxide does not enter the human body through the skin. 
  • Flex Seal producers have confirmed that their products include Crystalline Silica too. Inhaling silica dust in large amounts will end in silicosis. Permanent lung damage and even disabling could happen as a result of silicosis. These are also known as cancerous substances. 
  • Some Flex Seal products contain toluene. Toluene is also a dangerous ingredient that causes life risks when the intake is over 500ppm. Some people may be oversensitive to toluene and will face the symptoms like headache, nausea, dizziness, etc. Some asthma patients will increase their illness in the inhales of toluene. It has been proved that toluene also has an effect on the reproductive system. 
  • Nepheline syenite is another toxic element in Flex Seal that will cause eye irritations. When inhaled, some people will experience coughs, short-breaths and the lungs may reduce functioning. 

As per these examples, you can understand that Flex Seal presents some toxic substances in low percentages. In low quantities, all these chemicals are harmless, but some could face allergies, irritations, and various other illnesses, as we explained. It is vital to keep away the children and pets from incidental contact with the treated surfaces until it is fixed well. 

How to Prevent from Toxicity of Flex Seal?

Wearing safety kits is a must when handling any chemical substance. Safety goggles, a suitable mask, and gloves are essential to prevent the contact of fumes or liquid with body parts. It is instructed to remove or wash the clothes well if you have dropped the paint on what you wear. It is advised to use Flex Seal products after making good ventilation in the area as the toxic chemicals evaporate.

If you were exposed to Flex Seal in excess amounts and developed symptoms, as we explained in the above paragraphs, please go for medical assistance ASAP. 

How to Prevent from Toxicity of Flex Seal?

How Long do Flex Seal Fumes Last? 

Flax Seal will give an odor while drying. After it has dried completely, it will no longer emit odors. 

How Do you Clean After Flex Seal?

Using chemical removers is not recommended by the company. As they suggest, first you have to wipe the wet paint. Then use warm water and apply soap and gently rub. Soak the hands in warm water for about 15 minutes. Use soap and repeat the washing. You can use a rubbing tool like a pumice stone.

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If you are worried about using Flex Seal and have doubts about the product’s toxicity, go through this article. Here we have presented the risk factors as well as the methods of avoiding hazardous situations. 

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