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How to Turn On Electric Fireplace? – Ultimate Guide 

Electric fireplaces are such lifesavers, especially during cold climates. But working with one at home can throw a few questions back and forth at you, demanding clarifications and explanations. Like for example, how to turn on electric fireplace? Or how to use the remote, etc. 

If you have an electric fireplace at home and are stuck with these reservations and queries, stick around. 

We will tackle all these common inquiries and provide a detailed explanation. 

Let us get into it.

How to Turn On Electric Fireplace? 

Turning on an electric fireplace may seem like an intimidating task, but in reality, it is a no-brainer. 

It involves a straightforward process to turn on the electric fireplace. You can simply get the whole process by reading the handy user manual. But if you do not grab the idea from it, fret not. We got your back. 

Let us walk you through the steps to switch your electric fireplace on. 

  • Plugin 

Get your fireplace ready to be lit. Ensure safety and position it in a safe background, away from flammable objects. 

Once you are set, plug in the electricity. Check if the socket is perfectly switched on. If not, the fireplace won’t turn on. 

If the electric fireplace refuses to turn on after this, restart and try again. Sometimes if the socket is flipped, the fireplace may not turn on. Do consider that. 

  • Turn On

Go to the control panel on the electric fireplace. You will find the power switch. Please flip that on. 

Some models also have switches for flame effects. If your model has it, make sure you switch them on as well before moving to the next step. 

If you have a remote, you do not have to take on the hassle and work on the switches and knobs on your fireplace control panel. 

What if you do not have a remote? Or if the remote doesn’t work? 

In that case, you must find the relevant switches and work on the fireplace. 

Bonus tip: Check the electrical outlet for malfunctions and errors if your remote does not work. If the issues aren’t significant, fixing them brings the remote back to life. 

  • Adjust Brightness 

Many models comprise brightness and heat adjustment knobs. By turning them to the sides, you can adjust the height and brightness level of the fire created within. 

Find the relevant knob on the electric fireplace’s control panel and turn the knob to the right if you want to increase a factor. Turn it left to decrease. As simple as that, and you’re good to go. 

Enjoy all you want.

Turn your electric fireplace off and unplug it after use to save energy. 

How to Turn the Flames on Electric Fireplace? 

To turn the flames on your electric fireplace, use your remote. If the remote isn’t available, use the control panel on the fireplace. 

There will be a switch for the light control. Turing it as needed will let you switch it on and off and adjust the flames. 

Why is My Electric Fireplace Not Turning On? 

Why is your electric fireplace turning on even after you have tried turning it on multiple times? 

There could be different culprits for the issue. Let us see the common causes for this issue and how to fix them. 

  • Unplugged/ Loose Plug 

Check the fireplace’s electric plug and ensure it is properly plugged. If it is unplugged/ loosely sealed, the fireplace will likely not turn on. 

Try restarting to resolve any issues. If the problem persists, you may need professional help since it can be complicated. 

  • Thermostat Issue 

Electric fireplaces have a safety feature that automatically turns the fireplace off when the heat levels go up high. 

If this is the case, you will hear a clicking sound before the fireplace goes off. 

Try setting the heat higher than you usually would and try again. 

  • Blown Fuse/ Tripped Circuit 

Please check your fuse and circuit breaker for proper functioning – If they are not in good function, you will have to replace them since your fireplace will never turn on if this is the issue. 

  •  Faulty Wiring 

Another reason is that there might be an issue with the wiring system in your home. Replace your electric fireplace near a different socket and try to operate it. If it turns on, the previous socket has a wiring issue. You will need to seek professional help to sort it out safely. 

  • Defective Power Cord 

Please check the power code. If it has any damages or faults, please replace it with a new one to resolve the issue. 

The above-explained reasons are why electric fireplaces may not turn on. 

Suppose you have tried all these above. In that case, we recommend contacting a professional to resolve the issue since it may be complicated and require expertise. 

How to Use the Remote of an Electric Fireplace? 

Using a remote to control a fireplace is the most convenient option. 

All the switches will be pre-named, so you do not have to stand confused. 

Remotes come in different types. Depending on your type, you will have limited features to control. 

Simply pressing the relevant switches, the functions could be performed at the tip of your fingers. 

How to Switch on an Electric Fireplace Without the Remote?

Some electric fireplaces are not equipped with a remote. Some may have remotes, but they may not work at all. 

Under such circumstances, the question arises, “how to switch on an electric fireplace without the remote.” 

Well, you have two options. 

The fireplace control system comprises a few switches that will let tasks operate upon switching on. 

If that sounds too much trouble, you can download the relevant app on your smartphone and control the fireplace with it, as you can use a remote. 

However, to be able to use an app, your fireplace must be equipped with a remote. If the remote is broken or lost, the app is the solution. 

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