how to reset a whirlpool stove

How to Reset a Whirlpool Stove? (Step By Step)

Modern technology makes life simple and flexible; therefore, it is important to know how they should be handled for long-term use. Especially nowadays, most household machines cost a lot of money. Knowing how to handle them and ensuring they are maintained would save you all the hard-earned money and time. Resetting is one such way to prolong the life of these machines. Resetting your machines at least once a month is recommended to avoid errors that can destroy the system. If you have a whirlpool stove in your kitchen, read the simple tips below on how to reset a whirlpool stove for a better user experience. How to reset a whirlpool stove? Let’s find out.

Why Should I Reset My Whirlpool Stove?

Is the control panel of your machine displaying an error code? If so, it is time for you to reset the stove. Resetting is recommended for a better user experience. Most importantly, machines tend to lose momentum over time; therefore, resetting many issues in the appliance can be resolved. 

A machine could collect bugs and viruses with time, resulting in minor errors and other malfunctions. Unless you are covered by the warranty period getting it repaired could cost a lot of time and money.

Many whirlpool stoves come with built-in reset buttons, which could vary depending on the model. Usually, there are two ways this can be done; keep reading further to learn how to reset your whirlpool stove.

Do I Have to Reset My Whirlpool Stove After a Power Outage?

Yes, it is recommended to do so. You can never predict a sudden power outage, and most of the electric appliances in your house could be plugged into a power source. Disrupting the cable immediately after the power outage or resetting the appliance is recommended.

Is there a Reset Button on My Whirlpool Stove?

Usually, no, as it depends on the model. Most of the whirlpool stoves do not come with a reset button. However, the user manual illustrates how the user can manually reset the stove. 

Certain models come with an off/clear button where you must keep pressing the button for 3 seconds, and the appliance automatically resets. 

Some models come with a cancel button that enables you to reset the stove, while the older models do not come with a reset button, and you will have to reset it using a power source.

How to Rreset a Whirlpool Stove?

Resetting is simply disconnecting the power supply for a few minutes and then reconnecting. Follow these easy steps to reset your whirlpool stove, providing the model you have in your kitchen does not have a reset button.

  • Step 01: Switch the power button off on your stove. It’s very important because if you proceed to the next step without checking whether the appliance has been shut down, it can cost you a fortune to restore the stove. There is also a higher chance of it being irreparable. 
  • Step 02: Even though you may have disconnected the power supply to the stove by unplugging the cable, there is a tendency for there still could be a flow of electricity to the stove. The best thing to do is to switch off the fuse box to ensure no power to the stove. 
  • Step 03: You will have to give some time for the stove to get rid of the stored charge within the system or the control panel. The recommended time is 5 to 10 minutes. It is better to keep it unplugged for longer than the recommended time to ensure that the stove is practically dead.
  • Step 04: After keeping it for some time, restore power to the stove. 
  • Step 05: You can switch on the stove to see if it is working as usual.

Check if the error message reappears. If it does not appear, that confirms that you have successfully reset the stove.

I have Reset My Whirlpool Stove, But It Didn’t Solve My problem; What Can be Done?

If the procedure stated above does not solve your problem, don’t worry, as there are plenty of other ways to fix this issue.

Check the User Manual

A user manual accompanies every appliance. Read through the manual and see if other methods to reset are suggested for the particular appliance. The methods can differ between the models.

Use the Start Button

First, switch on the stove, hold the start button for a few seconds, and see if the machine stops functioning. You can switch the power on after about 1 minute to see if the error code appears. 

Try a self-diagnostic Test

The name of the test may sound complex; however, this is simple as unplugging and plugging in electricity. The test can be done if none of the above alternatives works for you. If resetting the usual way does not solve your problem, it can be due to a faulty internal component. The test is used to detect the exact faulty component. 

What Causes an Electric Stove to Stop Working?

Like any other electric appliance, a stove also can have defects. It is an appliance that is used throughout the day. 

Most of the appliances begin to defect after prolonged usage. If you notice your stove doesn’t work or switch on, check whether there is an issue with the power source or the fuse box. 

However, it is better to get the services of an electrician or a service technician to check on the machine. He will confirm whether the issue is with the power source or the internal components. 

Servicing the stove at least once a year could save your machine from many issues. An issue that could prevent the stove from functioning is a defect in the ignition switch. When the stove is used for a prolonged period, these switches begin to malfunction, weaken the flames, or even completely stop heating.

Overheating can also lead to many defects. A damaged thermostat or a sensor cannot regulate the desired temperature, which can eventually lead to overheating. 

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