How To Open A Window From The Outside

How To Open A Window From The Outside? Outside Solutions

Window safety is a significant problem. Even though neither of us supports stealing, understanding how to open a window from the outside could be helpful if you lose your keys. Alternatively, you need to open a window from the inside if there is a fire and somebody wants to escape the property quickly.

By opening a window from the outside, you would have a quick exit and be able to maintain your composure. Additionally, learning to open a window from the outside might help you avoid paying a locksmith’s fee.

Window Styles And Window Shutters

You could come across a few various kinds of windows, including their locking mechanisms, and each of them has a specific technique of being unlocked from the exterior. The kind of window you are attempting to open externally will thus be our first point of focus.

What are the Different Types Of Windows?

Windows come in numerous primary categories.

  • Casement

The opening portion of a casement window connected to the window pane by a hinge closes and opens. The casement’s head, bottom, or edge are all possible locations for the hinges. Casement windows having side hinges frequently consist of two casements.

  • Sash

A glass screen known as a sash, which is part of a sash window, slides vertical inside a frame. Both single and double-hung sash windows are available. There is just one movable sash when there is only one hanging sash. In contrast, a double-hanging sash has top and bottom ribbons that may be moved.

  • Sliding

Sash windows can also swing laterally in place of vertical, and these windows are known as sliding windows. Sashes of sliding panels can move vertically or horizontally on rails.

  • Awning

A window style known as an awning window opens beyond the structure and is pivoted at the head. As they offer added security, awning windows are frequently employed in locations that might be exposed to rainwater or even other weather-related factors.

  • Hopper

Hopper windows have top openings as opposed to side openings. The ease with which individuals on upper levels may open this sort of window and allow clean air makes it a popular choice for multi-story structures.

  • Stationary

Most of the time, stationary windows are used as decorative elements in bathrooms or showers.

What are the Different Types Of Windows Locks?

Window shutters come in two primary categories. There have been a few other versions for each of these two primary types of locks in addition to such two.

  • Cranks

The most common types of conventional windows are cranks. Cranks must be turned in either way and pushed down to open windows. By depressing them and rotating them anyway, cranks may be unlocked. While locks may be unlocked by pulling up or pushing down, others need you to keep the crank back.

  • Latches

Most of the time, windows with latches are either outdated or have panes with modern security systems. When a window has a latch, you must first raise the latch before pulling the window open.

You could come across several types of locks besides cranks plus latches.

  • Key-Operated Shutters

On windows intended for internal opening only, key-operated shutters are often included.

  • Locks With Chains

Chain locking is frequently used with other types of closures to increase security and prevent windows from being opened beyond a particular point.

  • Barred Locks

The interior of the windows might be covered by horizontal bars called bars shutters that prohibit any opening.

You will be more prepared to handle any eventuality if you know how every kind of window shuts and unlocks.

How To Open A Casement Window From The Outside?

Put one hand upon that bottom sash, then raise it while standing from an outside window. The window might unhook if anyone pushes it upwards after opening and over 6 inches. If there is a crank on the exterior of your windows, all you have to do to get the window to open is press down onto it and spin the crank either way.

You may open your door without an external crank by pulling the casement through the window pane. We will want a prying bar or the other heavy item to force the casement away from the framework by pressing down upon that. The window may then be unlocked from the interior by reaching inside. Sometimes the casement has been forced away from the framework.

How To Open A Sash Window From The Outside?

Utilizing a pry bar and raising such a latch is the best practical approach to access a sash window from the outside. Insert a pry between the pane bottom sash and the sash itself. Open the sash by pushing up on it.

You can open sash windows also by prying up upon that latch with a blade or any other pointed item taken from the outside. First, locate the separation between the two sashes to use your chosen item. Open the sash by pushing up on it.

How To Open A Sliding Window From The Outside?

If your sliding window seems to have a lock, try wobbling the window to determine whether anyone can unlock it. One can try prying the window with a craft knife or tool in case it won’t open naturally.

To unlock the window, carefully bend the instrument in the gap between its window and the frame. You might try using just a lift to unlock the window if it remains immovable. When you want to open the window, put the lift on the bottom of the window screen and press upwards.


How to open a window from the outside? One observes that there are several techniques for opening windows from the exterior. To try out various techniques needs some imagination and effort. However, if at all feasible, unlocking it from the inside is usually the preferred option.

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