How to Make Oreo Milkshake Without Ice Cream?

 How to Make Oreo Milkshake Without Ice Cream? Complete Guide

A sweet Beverage that will provide a delicious taste to your taste buds is a milkshake. You can make this in different flavors, and one of the essential ingredients you will find in most milkshake recipes is ice cream. If you plan to make Oreo flavored milkshake, then this might make you wonder how to make Oreo milkshake without ice cream.

Some people have the misconception that making a milkshake without ice cream is impossible. To break such facts now, you might see several milkshake recipes online which will not include ice cream. This blog will significantly focus on teaching you the method of making an Oreo milkshake where you will not need ice cream. Imagine that you wanted to prepare an Oreo milkshake for the visitor and when you open the freezer, you notice that ice cream is unavailable. You don’t have to take a trip to the nearby store in such a situation. Instead, you can use some alternative preparation methods.

Oreo Milkshake

As already mentioned in the article, you can make a milkshake in various flavors. Suppose you like the Oreo biscuit taste, and then you would probably love to try the Oreo milkshake. The Oreo Milkshake also has a history, and John Hynes was the person who created this flavor. This milkshake is yummy. In contrast, if you consider whether it is healthy, then it is not.

Hence consuming an Oreo milkshake once in a while is fine, but this is not recommended for daily consumption. Sometimes you crave to drink an Oreo milkshake, which makes you hunt for required things. You notice that all the ingredients are there except for the most important item, which is the ice cream.

If so, you don’t have to worry, as, in this article, you will learn how to make Oreo milkshake without ice cream. You might know that the Oreo biscuit and the cream you will use to make the milkshake will have calcium, potassium, fiber and vitamin C.

How to Make Oreo Milkshake Without Ice Cream?

During the hot summer day, an Oreo milkshake will be a great option to make your family happy. You might have heard people saying that vanilla ice cream is one of the essential factors for making an Oreo milkshake. Although some recipe includes vanilla ice cream, there are alternative ways in which you can make an Oreo milkshake without using the ice cream.

If you have tried the Oreo milkshake in a restaurant, you might know that it would be thick and tempting. The thickness is obtained mainly by using ice cream. This makes people think that it would be impossible to make a delicious Oreo milkshake without ice cream.

In contrast, if you search online, you will find a different recipe which does not include ice cream, yet it would turn out well. Hence, by trying the recipes below, you can make your Oreo milkshake that will not require ice cream.

Oreo Milkshake without Ice Cream

You don’t have to search for many things to make an Oreo milkshake. You can make it using few ingredients. This might sound new to you, but this works well, especially when serving big families. 

Method 1

The two ingredients that you will need are Oreo biscuits and cold milk. Follow the instruction, and within a matter of minutes, your Oreo milkshake will be ready for serving. Break the Oreo biscuits and put them in the blender. For 400 ml milk, two to three Oreo biscuits will be sufficient.

Next, add a small portion of cold milk into the blender and blend it well. This will help make a fine paste, and then you can add the leftover milk and blend it again. If you want the bits of Oreo biscuits in the milkshake, you can add some chopped biscuits. Suppose you want it to be more chilling, you can either refrigerate the milkshake and consume it later or put some ice cubes into it.

If you want the milkshake to look presentable when serving it to the guests, you can add some whipping cream on the top and slightly pour a bit of chocolate syrup. The garnishing is optional. Even just consuming the milkshake with Oreo biscuit and cold milk will make you feel refreshed during summer.

Method 2

This method will be quite similar to the method mentioned above. The difference here is that you can obtain variation in the flavor. Instead of using the usual Oreo cookies, you can try using the different flavored cookies. Also, when choosing milk, it is better to use almond milk.

First, you must blend the Oreo biscuits with an ice cube. This will help to obtain a thick paste. Next to this paste, add the almond milk and blend it again. Suppose you want it to be sweeter, you can also add some sugar. This way, you make a thick Oreo milkshake without using ice cream.

Method 3

Let’s also look at another alternative that will be useful if you are searching for how to make Oreo milkshake without ice cream. You will need the ingredient below to try this recipe.

  • Oreo biscuits
  • Chilled milk
  • Sugar
  • Pauva
  • Vanilla extract

Now you have to blend ten to twelve Oreo biscuits with a small quantity of milk and sugar. You can take sugar as required depending on how sweet you want it to be. The portion of chilled milk you will use is 2 glasses. To the mixture, add the additional milk, two to three teaspoons pauva, and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and blend it well. Next, you can serve and enjoy the milkshake with your family. 

These are three simple ways in which you can make Oreo milkshake without using ice cream. Next time, if someone makes an excuse that they will be unable to make a milkshake since there is no ice cream in the fridge, then you can tell them these tips. 

The Real Oreo Milkshake

Although you can make a milkshake without using ice cream, it is also important to understand that you cannot make it taste equal to the actual Oreo milkshake.

The real taste will be different; hence, if you need to obtain that taste, making the milkshake using vanilla ice cream, milk, and Oreo biscuits is better. In case of emergency or if you aren’t fond of vanilla ice cream, you can try the alternative methods in the article.

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