how to keep a glass shower door closed

How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Closed? Here’s What To Try

Shower doors are glass panels designed to prevent water from splashing all over the washroom floor. This helps protect the surrounding tiled floor and the people from slipping and falling on the wet floors. The shower doors can be seen in many types and are a better replacement for shower curtains. The first shower door was designed in 1960 and was only used by the rich. Once more shower doors became available, many people opted for the upgrade. We have slid as well as bypassed shower doors. Let’s check how to keep a glass shower door closed.

Should I Leave the Glass Shower Door Open or Closed?

Shower doors are glassed doors we use when showering. We keep the door closed when we shower so that the water does not get sprayed or splashed when showering.

The essential factor when we come to a shower door is to keep the door clean. And to prevent mold and mildew formation. As soon as you shower and get out, wipe the water off the floor and leave the door open after the shower so air trapped inside can get out. This will help reduce and control the growth of mildew and mold.

One can also use shower spray to prevent mold growth in the shower walls. There are hardcore chemicals with a strong scent and other natural citrus-scented sprays as well.

Why Does the Glass Shower Door Won’t Stay Closed?

There are a few common reasons why the shower door will not close.

  1. Wear and tear: with time and use, the shower door experiences wear and tear. Some can be fixed as a DIY, and others with professional help. One can replace the wear and tear with a new shower door instead.
  2. Loose screw or built-up soap form: check whether there is any screw that is loose and hanging; in that case, tighten the screws and hinges so the door may close. If it is a scum build-up, spray the glass shower door with a cleaning solution to wipe it down. 
  3. Damaged parts: check for damages and loose handles, hinges, latches as well as screws. In case you identify any, make sure to use a screwdriver or any other tool to fix it.
  4. The build-up of debris: some sliding glass shower doors drag when there is a build-up of debris stuck at the bottom. Or when the debris causes the door to be realigned and the clamps to be readjusted. 
  5. Damaged seal: the shower door does not close when the door leaks because the edges are not sealed. This kind of problem needs a professional’s help.

How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Closed?

A shower door is used to keep the water away from flooding the rest of the bathroom. And to prevent the steam from escaping the shower cubicle. If the water and steam leak out of the door, it can form mold on the bathroom walls. And it can cause accidents like slipping and falling. This is very dangerous to our health. Here are some methods used to keep the shower door closed.

  1. By tightening the screws: when we tighten the screws that are loose, we can prevent the glass door from making noise and from rattling when we close it. 
  2. By adding weatherstrip: the weather strips are used to prevent leaks and drafts. This acts as insulation and a tight seal between the door and the frame. This will keep the door closed.
  3. Rubber seal installation: this helps keep the bathroom warm when showering. When a rubber seal is correctly installed, it will keep the door closed. Reduces noise level and maintains bathroom privacy, especially in a shared bathroom.
  4. Keep weight on the inside of the door: if the door is difficult to repair and keep it closed when showering, keep it closed by adding some weight from inside the door. This weight will prevent the door from rattling.
  5. Use of tension rod and Velcro: the Velcro can keep the door shut tight. This will prevent the water from getting out. With Velcro, do not worry about the door opening when you shower. It is a very affordable and excellent option on a low budget.
  6. Magnet installation: by installing the magnet from the inside of the frame, the door will close tight. This will keep the space private and from water flowing out.
  7. Using a hatch and hook: a latch or hook is an easy and cheap way of closing the glass shower door. But it is a very temporary solution.

How Can I Make My Glass Shower Door Private?

We have many styles and types of the glass shower door. Some are clear glass, and some a fogged with patterns and designs. The clear glass shower doors lack privacy. Here are some of the ways one can enhance the privacy of shower areas with glass doors.

  1. A shower curtain can help enhance privacy. One can use a thick or dark shower curtain over the shower door. And by this, one can easily replace the shower curtain whenever necessary.

  1. Use window clings: this is an instant form of privacy. One can use a window cling or decal for cover. There are many designs and patterns available. 
  2. New door: one can simply replace the existing transparent door with a fogged glass door or one with frosted patterns. 
  3. Window film: this is a non-adhesive film that will cover the door; it is simply like wallpaper for the door. It adds both privacy and beauty to the door. There are wide varieties of window film available. It ranges from opaque to color-tinted and frosted window film.
  4. Folding screen: if the bathroom is large, one can add a folding screen for the shower door. The screen can be placed and removed as desired and whenever necessary. 

How Do you Stop a Glass Shower Door from Shattering?

Glass shower doors can be fragile and shatter easily. These glass doors need to be handled with much care. There are a few ways we can stop the glass door from shattering.

  1. Cracked or chipped glass: the glass shower doors expand and contract according to temperature. So, when there is any crack or chip in the glass door, it will eventually break and shatter into pieces for pressure and long-term trauma to the glass. So, check for such cracks on the glass, holes and chips on the edges, or even for other types of damage. This will help you prevent such issues.
  1. Lose components and parts: look for places and parts in the door, like hinges, nails and screws, security brackets and other hardware. Make sure to tighten loose screws and joints on the door that can let the glass slip and shatter. 
  1. Hard impact: make sure you do not do anything that can impact the door hard enough to crack, break and shatter. Especially when cleaning and using other repair tools, make sure to handle them carefully enough.

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