how to get rid of rats in crawl space

How to Get Rid of Rats in Crawl Space? – Effective Ideas 

Rats can create multiple nightmares if they invade any part of your home, especially crawl spaces. It can be both incredibly frustrating and distressing. How to get rid of rats in crawl space? Is there any way? 

Curious and desperate, aren’t you? Well, we understand you. 

Calm down; we’ve got you! 

In this article, we will discuss some of the most influential and practical ways to say an eternal goodbye to the whole colony of rats in your space. 

We will also cover more tips and facts you would want to know about the context. 

Let’s get into the discourse. 

How to Get Rid of Rats in Crawl Space? To get rid of rats in a crawl space, first, identify entry points and seal them. Set traps and use rodenticides with caution. Clear clutter that provides hiding spots. Consider using natural deterrents like peppermint oil. For a comprehensive guide on rat removal, prevention, and potential risks, continue reading to handle the situation effectively and safely.

What Attracts Rats Under the House? 

If you are wondering what made the annoying colony of rats take over your crawl space, stick around. 

Several factors act as invitations for rats to come to your home and play their game. 

Knowing them will help you avoid any such mishaps in the future. 

Let’s get to some of the common and most likely factors that attract rats under your house. 

  • Uncovered Foods 

Uncovered foods are a massive invitation for rats since they are always looking for food. They don’t care what food it is; as long as it’s edible, they are all about it. So make sure you never leave any food open at/ around your house premises. 

  • Garbage 

It may sound and seem disgusting to us, but not to them. Rats love a good pile of garbage. If you have any cluttered places, it is a welcome bed for them. 

Keep your cabinets, gardens, crawl spaces and all other premises clean and tidy always o chase away rats. 

  • Water Leakages 

Yes, you read it right. Just as any other living being, rats also require a good amount of water to stay hydrated and healthy. 

If you have a leakage in one of your pipes, chances are that rats will find their way into the pipe ways through holes if they ever find it. You better watch out. Keep your pipes sound and safe. 

  • Holes 

Holes are a doorway to rats. Make sure your house has zero holes. Do not be careless. Even if it is a tiny opening, rats are incredible at squeezing themselves in. 

All internal holes should be shut well using sealants to keep rats away. But always keep a tiny hole open to your home’s exterior space. 

Imagine rats getting trapped in your home and having no way out. They will die and rot inside your premises, giving you much unpleasant trouble.

What Attracts Rats Under the House? Is it Common to Have Rats in Crawl Spaces? 

Yes, it is common to have rats in crawl spaces since such places are not monitored regularly and is dusty and filled with grime most of the time. 

Rats love such places! 

If rats find a way, they’ll make the crawl space their home as soon as possible. 

So it is vital to ensure you have given no chances for them to make it happen. 

Do not worry if you are too late. We will teach you how to kick all the rat buddies out of your space as we move further. 

Should I Put Mouse Poison in My Crawl Space? 

When it comes down to using mouse poison to eliminate rats from your crawl place, it’s your call.

We’ll tell you why. 

Rat poisons are a great way to eliminate the annoying rats from your crawl space forever. But the drawback is something not very pleasant. 

When rat poisons are used, it kills the rats (which is obvious). But how it does is not pleasant. 

Rats may bleed to death, or in some cases, they’ll slowly die and rot all over the walls. 

In addition to the disgusting stinky smell, you will also have to face the risk of toxins, germs and infection from the rats. (Which are no small matters) 

But if you are confident about your safety and have no problems taking care of the aftermath, you’re good to go. 

Using rat poisons is a great option to attain your purpose. 

But if you are on the contrary, it’d be best for you to choose other alternative ways. 

How to Get Rid of Rats in Crawl Space? 

To the primary question! 

We’ll walk you through the effective strategies you could use to eliminate rats from crawl spaces successfully. 

Follow us behind. 

  • Say NO to food inside your crawl space. Don’t leave or store any food items. Rats won’t choose to shelter at a place where they’ll most likely starve. You get us. 
  • Rats prefer dark places as they feel a sense of safety in them. So you know what to do. Put on a bulb in your crawl space and light it up at night. 
  • Cover any holes and cracks leading to the home’s interior using a suitable sealant. 
  • Keep your house tidy and clean. Give attention, monitor all the spaces in your house, and ensure everywhere is clean enough and not pest-inviting. 
  • Avoid piling up garbage or things like wood, old clothes, etc., in and around your house premises. 
  • Cut thick shrubs hanging low around your home. Rats think such shrubs make it easy for them to enter and vandalize the premises. Let’s not give them a chance. 
  • To keep tunneling rodents at bay, use a rat slab or anything similar. After all, rats are incredible at tunneling and finding their way in. 

Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Stop Rodents? 


Crawl space encapsulation stops rodents from entering and invading your crawl space greatly.

Encapsulation will make your crawl space dry and very unwelcoming to the rats. They won’t prefer coming in at all. Even if some YOLO-vibe rats try to get in, they will most likely not make it since the barriers will make it very challenging.

Installing encapsulation is an excellent way to keep rodents away from your crawl space.

Best Rat Poison for Crawl Space

If you are looking to use rat poison in your crawl space but are confused by the world of options in the market, we have excellent support for you.

We have carefully filtered out some of the best rat poisons from the market. All the below-stated products have gained good customer reviews and are popular.

  • Motomco All-weather bait chunks
  • Natural armour peppermint repellant
  • Tomcat bait chunk pail
  • Neogen ramik green rodenticide
  • Farnam just one bite bait chunks

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