How To Fix Leather Couch Is Peeling

How To Fix A Peeling Leather Couch – All You need To Know

Some people are so dedicated and love designing the house, so they check on several aspects when buying things for the house. You might have seen people using wooden furniture that gives an antique look while others will be going according to the trend. In this article, you will learn how to fix a peeling leather couch, which will be useful if you have a leather couch or anything made from leather.

Leather gives a good look, but apart from it, there are other reasons people prefer this fabric. You might have heard that leather is hypoallergenic and will repel dust, pet hair, pet dander, etc., so it will be convenient for daily maintenance. This material will also be easy to clean when you spill any beverage on it.

Manufacturers use the tanning process, which increases the durability of the leather couch, but after a certain period, you may notice that it is peeling. If you are also encountering a similar problem, you are in the right place, as this article will provide enough information on how to fix a peeling leather couch.

Suppose your leather couch starts to peel, then it might seem due to a few reasons you will come across in the article. This issue is not something new although this is the first time you have encountered such a problem, there are possibilities that you might seen a peeled leather couch before.

When the couch is peeling, it will not look appealing, so people frequently ask how to fix a peeling leather couch. Some individuals do not prefer leather as they fear that it might peel sooner. If you are using a leather couch, and when cleaning, you may notice that it is starting to peel, it is better to understand the methods you can use to fix the issue, so by learning the process, you can DIY.

The Reasons For Leather Couch Peeling

First, when choosing a leather couch, you must understand that leather has different qualities. Since when you choose a product made from poor-quality leather, the durability will be low, and it will peel sooner.

In contrast, a couch made using high-quality leather will have extremely high durability and will not easily peel. Here are a few reasons for peeling leather couches.

  • Direct Exposure To Strong Sunlight

Suppose you have placed your leather couch in a place with strong sunlight, then there will be a lack of moisture due to heat. This is one of the crucial factors that affect durability.

On such occasions, you may witness the leather starts peeling. So, checking whether the place has humidity when placing the leather couch is necessary.

It is often not recommended to put the leather couch outside on the balcony or in a highly ventilated place with sunlight.

  • Usage Of Abrasive Cleaner

You must be very considerate when choosing the cleaner you use on leather couches. Usually, it will make the sealant crack rather than peel the leather. Some of the cleaners contain strong chemicals that will damage the couch.

  • Fake Leather

Sometimes the manufacturer might have used bonded or fake leather for your couch. This will also make the couch peel sooner.

The delaminating polyurethane coating on these types of faux leather will crack faster. So, when purchasing the couch, you must choose the best quality so that it will have higher durability and you will not have to fix repairs very often.

When the product’s quality increases, the cost will also increase. The cheaper the product, poorer will be the quality.

How To Fix A Peeling Leather Couch

First, before stepping into any method of fixing the issue, you must clean the couch well and remove all the dirt and debris. It would be best to vacuum well and then use the prepping solution on the leather couch.

You can wipe the areas with a microfiber cloth and alcohol. Lastly, to strengthen the couch, you must use a leather binder. This will help to remove chemical or oil that is present on the leather.

Regardless of the method you follow to fix the issue; you will primarily have to clean the couch well. Let’s take a look at different ways which you can use to solve the problem.

  • Using Recoloring Balm To Conceal Leather Couch Peeling

Now you have to wipe the couch using this balm. For this process, you will need a clean microfiber cloth and the recoloring balm. The recoloring balm will help to conceal the crack in the leather couch and will be useful to retain the original color of the couch.

You must also know that this method will not be helpful in fix entirely the peeling couch, but you can use it to hide the crack by covering it with the recoloring balm. Once you have wiped the couch, you must not touch it for about 20 minutes until the balm dries.

  • Using Leather Paint To Fix Leather Couch Peeling

Here you will need to perform an extra step after cleaning the couch: using a pair of scissors, you must cut the removed leather peels. Before starting to paint, it is better to shake the paint can slightly. Now you can use the paintbrush and start painting the couch from the back side, then on the sides of the couch, and lastly, the front area.

You will be lucky if you get the same color paint that matches the color of your couch, but if the color is slightly different, you can mix two or more colors. Let it dry completely, and then you can coat another later if necessary and let it dry. The drying process may take 30 to 40 minutes.

Finally, you can apply the leather finish using a new brush. If you are also planning to apply an additional layer of this, you must wait until the first coat dries. The leather finish might take around thirty minutes to dry completely.

  • Using Leather Filler To Fix Couch Peeling

Here also, you will need to cut the leather peels initially. Using a putty knife, you can take the leather filler in the quantity of 1 tablespoon at a time and apply it to the couch. Then you can leave it dry, which may take around thirty minutes, so avoid touching the couch. If necessary, you can use an additional layer of leather filler after the first layer dries.

These are a few methods that you can use at home to repair peeling leather couches. We hope this article on how to fix a peeling leather couch was informative.

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