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How to Block Wind on Patio? – Amazing Ideas 

Gusts of wind around your patio are one of the most frustrating and annoying things to happen. But then covering up the space isn’t the solution as it destroys the whole purpose of having one. So how to block wind on patio?

The question will not bug you anymore since we are here to brainstorm fantastic ideas you can use to windproof your patios. 

No more frustrations and no more dismay! Only peace and pure vibes! 

Let’s get the ball rolling. 

How to Block Wind on Patio? 

Fortunately, there are several practical ways to successfully block wind on your patio while maintaining the aesthetics of the space. (Which isn’t always easy) 

Here’s what you can do, 

  • Grow Potted Shrubs 

You can grow certain shrubs in pots of your choice. 

Shrubs such as bamboo, houseleek, frangula, etc., make a good choice as they are heavy and stable when grown. 

You can line them up in the direction wind blows and ruins things on your patio. 

This will enhance the pleasing looks of the space, simultaneously helping you block the wind. 

It will let you feel the breeze and sit and enjoy nature. 

  • Install a Wind Block Fence 

Another excellent idea is installing a fence designed to block the wind. 

Several wind-blocking fences in the market, such as bamboo, lattice, louvered, etc., will help you achieve the goal.

A trellis will also do the same job. 

Installing a solid fence with no spaces can be a bad idea since it sometimes backfires.

Go for a fence with spaces. It will look artsy and gorgeous while doing the intended job perfectly. What’s more to demand? 

  • Put on a Windscreen

Putting on a windscreen is a practical idea. 

You can purchase one or build your own if you like getting on the waters and have enough time and what it takes.

You can find three types of windscreens in the market: roll-up, mesh, and retractable. 

Let us give you a basic idea of what exactly they are so you can go for the one that matches your requirements. 

Roll-up windscreens allow you to roll them up and down as needed. It can be a good one to go for if the wind around your patio has mood swings. 

You can roll it up when it is windy and let it down when it is not. 

Mesh windscreens are of mesh. They’ll help you stop the wind from gushing into your space and blowing up things.

You can also say goodbyes to bugs and insects that may interrupt you. 

A retractable windscreen is a good choice if you adore privacy. It will also let you fix and take it off as you wish. 

  • Place Patio Panels 

Patio panels will block the rebellious wind from creating chaos while helping you place it without significant alterations. 

You can position it right where you need it without bothering to alter any structure of your existing patio. 

It can be a good choice if you hate messing things around and fixing them all over again. 

  • Set up Windproof Furniture 

Some pieces of furniture are specially designed to withstand wind and remain calm. 

Although placing such furniture won’t stop the wind from entering your patio, it will help keep the place calm without creating a mess for you to clean up. 

  • Install a Wind Deflector 

A wind deflector will deflect the wind trying to reach your patios to play games. 

You can place it in the right direction by analyzing wind directions and the position of your patio. And voila, No more disappoints! 

  • Put on Transparent vinyl/ PVC Curtains 

These curtains serve multi-purposes. 

Clear vinyl/PVC curtains are transparent and clear. They are also resistant to water and harmful UV rays

They will ultimately protect you from any external mishap, such as high wind, water accidents, and harmful sun exposure, all at once. 

You can peacefully enjoy the view and grab your cup of coffee while having all the protection you could ask for. 

These transparent vinyl curtains come in different thicknesses and different sensitivity levels. You can purchase per your need and preference. 

  • Grow Plants 

This is quite the time taking method to opt for. But it’s worth it! 

Growing trees and shrubs on your patio can help you block the wind you don’t want. 

Choose quick-growing, stable and robust plants. Maintain them by trimming the edges once in a while. Please place them in the right direction. 

These plants will become a beautiful addition to your landscape while creating a peaceful and relaxing area for activities. 

  • Install Shutters 

Shutters can be used to block wind and other external occurrences from affecting the interior of your patio. 

You also have the facility of opening and closing it as needed. 

It can perform the job well while providing a high sense of privacy. 

  • Build a Wall 

Building a wall around your patio can help it stay calm by being free from heavy gusts of wind. 

But yes, it can be a costly option. But it is worth it since it is permanent and the longevity can be longer than all our lives added. 

Building a wall can make your patio a beautiful private space free from the shenanigans of the wind. 

  • Install a Corrugated Metal Fence 

How does it differ from metal fences and wooden fences? 

Corrugated metal fences will last longer and not rust over time. 

These fences will offer an advanced exterior for your patio while helping you block all sorts of disturbances (be it the wind or the people).

  • Lodge a Glass Wall 

A glass wall will not take away your happiness from enjoying the eye-catching looks of your patio. But it will help you block all external disturbances. (Among which wind is one) 

However, glass walls require some excellent maintenance. They are also an expensive option. 

But you can always go for it since its job is excellent. 


You can use several ways to get rid of wind from your patio. Get creative and implement the one that works best for you. 

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