how long is coquito good for

How Long is Coquito Good For? [Updated Guide]

Every year, we find an excuse to be ready for the chilly Christmas season since nothing beats the feast and variety of drinks to help us stay warm and satisfy our appetites. Why not branch out a little and try something unusual instead of the traditional spiked Eggnog when considering what beverages to serve people on a cold night? The Coquito, which we believe Eggnog’s more potent, sassy cousin, is now introduced. To my amusement, it doesn’t even flavor like Eggnog. Even more so in Puerto Rican tradition, we can all acknowledge that it makes people feel festive. If you’re unfamiliar with the beverage, you might have some inquiries, including how long is Coquito good for. Assuming you brewed a large quantity and currently got some remains. This guide will discuss the shelf life of this beverage.

Quick Summary

  • If eggs get used, the Coquito will keep in the fridge for two months; if they are not, it will keep for up to six months. Without alcohol, it won’t last more than a few days. Coquito will become thicker and more resemble custard if eggs get added.

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Although the name “coquito” translates to “small coconut,” you shouldn’t compromise on the coconut whenever cooking it because that’s where the dish gets its distinctive flavor. Several of the ingredient quantities could get changed to suit individual preferences. Trying with different ratios and tastes, advises Marrero, is a terrific way to create your special Coquito. During the Christmas season, it’s the most common beverage in Puerto Rico traditionally.

It is an indication that Christmas is approaching. It gets provided to visitors, family members, and acquaintances. Every household has a unique recipe that gets often kept a well-hidden secret. It is a distinctive beverage to honor accomplishment, civilization, love, and living. It’s preferable to offer your Coquito cold when it’s finished cooking. Several individuals like to garnish their food with cinnamon twigs or a sprinkle of nutmeg. So let’s look at how long is Coquito good for.

How Long is Coquito Good For?  – Everything You Need to Know

Coquito might not stay tasty for as long as you’d want, considering its component list. The USDA states that Coquito could keep for up to 4 days after being made. Anticipate a reduced lifespan if your Coquito is non-alcoholic or includes eggs. Coquitos lacking egg yolks have a much longer life expectancy of up to 4-6 months! For your Coquito to survive this long, store it in a sealed jar. Ensure to whisk the components before pouring because they can sit between portions, mainly if you employ eggs.

When preparing a coquito minus rum, you could substitute rum extract for the alcoholic beverage. If your Coquito stinks like curdled milk, it’s time to throw it out. To see whether it has gone wrong, you may taste it and take a sip before presenting. If it tastes and stinks like curdled milk, it is preferable to discard it.

How to Store Coquito?

Your Coquito would require refrigeration. In addition to enhancing How long is Coquito good for or to extend their life, coquitos taste delicious when refrigerated. Coquito might rot due to the dairy if you unintentionally leave it outside the refrigerator for the nighttime. To make pleasant ice pops, consider freezing coquitos. Coquito should be blended, then poured into a popsicle form to freeze.


Keep your Coquito as near to natural as possible by using rum, a key drink component. Utilizing rum from Puerto Rico is the unwritten norm. However, rum extraction could also get used to making a coquito that doesn’t include alcohol. Marrero suggests beginning with moderate alcohol consumption.

She claimed it must slowly warm you up instead of smacking you in the face. Naturally, you may change how much rum you need to accommodate your preferences. But remember that the secret to a perfect coquito is maturing in the refrigerator for a couple of days before presenting.

Is it the Same as Eggnog?

There is no comparison to be made between Coquito and Eggnog. While the foundation of Eggnog is egg and cream, with the option to add whiskey or brandy, the foundation of Coquito is whiskey and coconut. Original coquito preparations don’t call for eggs, although specific recipes get modified to use so over the period.

It’s crucial to remember that Coquito preparations with eggs or without alcohol have a lower lifespan. In addition to being able to buy pre-made vials of Coquito in your neighborhood liquor store, you could also brew your homemade Coquito. Based on the number of flavors you obtain, the cost might be between $23 and $25.

Note: The most consumed beverage in Puerto Rico around the holidays is Coquito, which denotes the arrival of Christmas and the enjoyment of heritage, achievement, affection, and life. Family, acquaintances, and other visitors get served this drink, which Puerto Ricans make according to a unique, closely-guarded formula.


Coquito’s taste does intensify with time in the dish. As they sit, the additional flavor may get released from the thickening Coquito eggs. Therefore, waiting a couple of days before consuming your Coquito is preferable if you have the time. To prevent it from going bad, just put it in the refrigerator. Utilize pasteurized eggs while preparing Coquito to keep them for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. The Coquito will keep in the refrigerator for three to four days if you want to use raw eggs.

Bottom Line

There is no need to go further if you desire a cheerful holiday punch. Rum and creamy components make the great beverage coquito, which soothes your mind. Despite the time of year, you could sip on a bottle of wine, but winter nights are highly suitable. Although it won’t stay as long as other cocktails, Coquito could keep it for up to one month if it is in the correct storage and packaging. However, this varies on what is in the beverage.

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