How Long Do Popsicles Take to Freeze

How Long Do Popsicles Take To Freeze? Don’t Guess It

No one would disagree that popsicles are an excellent snack during a hot summer day. When you feel dehydrated, having a popsicle will make you feel chilled. You can easily get them in the store, which will taste great. In contrast, you must also know that a store-bought popsicle will not be a good choice regarding health concerns. Hence, considering these factors, many people prefer making popsicles home with fresh fruit juice. When making at home you must know how long do popsicles take to freeze.

Some people make mistakes when making popsicles at home since they don’t follow a proper guide. Therefore, they feel difficult to store the popsicle after unmolding. So, you must understand the process clearly as it will be helpful to try the recipe without any mistakes.

If you plan to give your kids popsicles at home, then it is better to provide them with homemade ones as they contain less chemical and artificial coloring. Hence by using fresh juice, you can prepare healthy popsicles at home.

Are Homemade Popsicles Better Than Store-Bought Ones?

When making popsicles at home, you might know that they will not contain any chemicals unless you add them to preserve them for a longer time. Hence the shelf life of a homemade popsicle will be for three to four weeks, while a store-bought popsicle will stay good for six to eight months.

Although the shelf life will be less, it is best to consume homemade popsicles since you will make them using fresh fruit juice rather than food coloring and flavors. You might have come across a popsicle at the grocery store properly packaged in a single serving. ( Hence it will be easy to consume.

In contrast, many people encourage homemade popsicles mainly because you can reduce the sugar and fat content. Although the popsicle in the store is extremely delicious, they have high fat and also sugar. Hence instead of skipping these summer treats, you can make them at home and store them properly so that you can consume them whenever you carve for them.

There are ample lot of flavors that you can make at home. Some are blackberry thyme yoghurt popsicles, green smoothie popsicles, flavored mango popsicles, etc. Since popsicle is one of the tempting snacks for kids, you can give them homemade popsicles without fear. If this is the first time you have tried this recipe, then you must understand how long popsicles take to freeze.

How Long Do Popsicles Take to Freeze?

You might know that the best temperature to store the popsicle is 0 degrees. After blending the popsicle mixture and pouring it into the mold, you must cover it properly and place it in the freezer. If you don’t know the time taken to freeze, you will be opening the freezer from time to time to check on the texture.

The homemade popsicles will take around 3 to 8 hours to freeze completely. You might wonder why there is a drastic gap since some popsicles will freeze sooner while some will not. Hence this is because the freezing time of a popsicle can be affected by certain factors. If you follow the instructions properly and make the popsicle, you will notice that you can get frozen popsicles without much effort.

Factors Affecting the Freezing Time of Popsicle

As already mentioned in the article, the freezing time of the popsicle can be affected by certain factors. Hence knowing them will help to check on that aspect to make the freezing process quick.  


You must ensure that the temperature of your freezer is 0 degrees or below when freezing the popsicle since this temperature will help to freeze the popsicle quickly and perfectly. If the freezer temperature is higher, you might notice that it will take longer than the expected time for the popsicle to get frozen.

In case you turn the temperature in your freezer down to make the freezing process quick, then ensure that you turn it back to normal once the process is complete. Quickening the process doesn’t mean that your popsicle will freeze within a matter of minutes hence you will have to wait till they get solid.

Sugar Content

When making popsicles, you will choose fruit juice depending on flavor. Some people also use soft drinks to make popsicles. If you pour fresh water in a popsicle mold and fruit juice into another mold, you might notice that the water will freeze sooner.

The main reason is that the water does not contain sugar, so the sugar content in the fruit juice will delay the freezing time. If the sugar content in your popsicle mixture is extremely high, then this might take too long to freeze.


When making popsicles, you might know that there are various recipes that you can try at home. Some contain dairy products, while you can make some popsicles using only fruit juice. Hence, depending on the viscosity of the mixture you will be using to make the popsicle, the time taken for freezing will also change.

Freeze Your Popsicle Faster

When trying to find how long popsicles take to freeze, you must also know that the factors above can affect the average freezing time. Changing those factors will impact the time if you try to freeze the popsicle faster. You can try reducing the temperature and sugar content. Also, increasing the water content and placing the popsicle in the freezer where it will get frozen well are some hacks to quicken the process.

Fully Frozen Popsicle

Making popsicles doesn’t take much time when compared to the time taken to freeze. After placing the popsicle in the freezer, you must know how to ensure that the popsicle is frozen. Although there are some ways in which you check whether the popsicle is frozen, often it is hard to predict.

You might sometimes have the experience of making popsicles at home. You might notice water dripping when you take it out of the mold after leaving it for a long time to freeze. Hence, how can you check if the popsicle is frozen? If you are using a silicone mold, you can squeeze it slightly and ensure that it is solid. If so, the popsicle is frozen. In case you are using a hard mold, then you can gently lift the stick. If it is not loose, then it means the popsicle is frozen.

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