how long do hue bulbs last

How Long Do Hue Bulbs Last? Durability Check!

Owning a smart lighting system in your house will be one of the most exciting renovations. We all are familiar with turning the lights on with a switch mounted to a wall. Smart lighting is way too easy than the traditional way. The bulbs will be connected to a network system, and you can control those with your voice using an app installed in your smartphone via a remote controller or a screen. How long do Hue bulbs last?

If you have the idea of modernizing your home, this should probably be your question. Please read through the lines; we have the answer for you!

What are Hue Bulbs?

Philips Hue bulbs were the first to step into smart lighting technology and have been a reputable brand since its introduction in 2012. The hue product line is a collection of coloured and white LED bulbs.

These bulbs can be installed without wires; all you need in your hand is the Hue Bridge. Hue Bridge is the control panel of these smart bulbs and must be connected to the internet via your router. 

The users will never get rid of the thrill of having smart lightning if they are equipped with Hue bulbs that can change colours by voice commands. But this set of lights may be a bit pricier. 

Do Hue Bulbs Burn Out Quickly?

Hue bulbs are one of the long-lasting smart bulbs that are worthier than the price. The smart bulb range of Philips starts from $15, and you can choose from a collection that runs up to $250. Although it may look like costly than the other typical lighting, there is nothing to spend for the installation fixtures, and it is also a good way of energy consumption.

You can also operate Hue bulbs according to a scheduled arrangement. If you connected additional features like the motion sensors, the Hue lighting system would be more cost-effective. Hence, it is the most relaxing upgrade you can ever have. 

How Long Do Hue Bulbs Last? 

A Philips hue bulb is a LED bulb that has a lifespan of nearly 25000 hours. Hue bulbs are a blessing to have as it simplifies your busy routines. There is no need for special concern about switching off lights when you are away from an area. It sounds great, isn’t it? But you may doubt its lifetime. Let’s check the fact now. 

How Long Do Light Bulbs Last Years? 

LED bulbs are estimated to last 20 years. The lifespan of an incandescent bulb is very shorter when compared with a LED. If the bulb is on for 6 hours a day, incandescent bulbs will not last any longer than one year. Hue lights are smart LEDs. So, they also have a lifespan of 25 years. 

In the means of energy conservation, too LEDs are the best option. Incandescent bulbs only convert 5% of the energy gained into light, and the other 95% is turned into heat. 

How Long Do Light Bulbs Last Years? 

How Long Do Light Bulbs Last Hours? 

Incandescent bulbs tend to burn out quickly and can only be used for 1000 hours. On the contrary, LED bulbs present the ability to last 100,000 hours. If we take the smart lighting products of Philips, the Hue bulbs, those are capable of functioning for 15,000 – 25,000 hours. 

If you have scheduled the smart light system and if it works upon motion, you can increase the lifespan of a Hue bulb even more. Another common failure in lighting is the loosened connections. Make sure you check the bulbs regularly to avoid energy wastage and, at the same time to increase the average lifespan. 

Do Hue Bulbs Use a Lot of Electricity?

Hue bulbs are smart bulbs made from LEDs. LEDs use less than 80% of the power used by incandescent lights when operating. Therefore, it is evident that Hue bulbs also use little electrical power. LED lights also produce less heat, but that is very little heating; you can touch it with your bare hands. 

Hue bulbs are an innovative step in lighting that provides users with many advantages. If you are going to install a smart lighting network with Hue, you will notice a sudden drop in your electricity bill. You also have the facility to schedule the time when the lighting should be on and off. With a simple upgrade of the sensors, you can make your lighting system work on motion. These simple steps will provide more privileges to cut down your power usage. 

Are Hue Lights Expensive to Run?

You can purchase a Hue light bulb for around $15. The highest price will be $250. Usually, the expensive options are with additional features. For instance, the colour-changing LED light system will cost you more than a network of white LED lights. The material cost will depend on your preferences. 

Compared with a wired connection, installation costs, including labour fees, will not be present in a smart lighting system. You only need a bridge to connect the bulbs and a Wi-Fi connection. The apps can be installed on your smartphones, and you can handle the system with them. 

Typical incandescent lights will waste most of the electrical power drained to the bulb as heat energy. A CFL bulb will consume energy x5 times less than an incandescent bulb. But still, it is less than the power consumption done with a LED. 

Looking at the price tags, you may feel that Hue lights are very expensive. But in order with the assets we discussed, it surely will be the wisest choice. 

How Long Do Philips LED Lights Last?

Philips hue bulbs are LEDs that are made to last nearly 25000 hours. But you need to take care of the current flow to the bulb. Higher flow than the required amount will make the LED lights heat more and could decrease the lifespan. 

Is Philips Getting Rid of Hue?

Philips is not going to get rid of Hue. The only thing they had done was discontinue some products, generally the older versions. Another change is the name of the parent company to which these lighting product ranges belong. It is now operating under Signify. The supply chain was affected by the COVID–19 pandemic, and in some countries, the products were rare. But now the supplies have made their way back to normal. 

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