how far apart to put gutter hangers

How Far Apart to Put Gutter Hangers? Securing Support

Gutter hangers are the aligning support of the gutter system, ensuring the safety and value of the house with proper water management. They withstand the weight of the water channelled through the gutter. The roof constructor places several numbers of gutter hangers with spaces during installation. They attach gutters to the roof of the house. Their main concern is How far apart to put gutter hangers to get high-performance of gutters in rainwater management.

Hence this article provides the knowledge of gutter hangers to house owners, their importance, the materials used to make them, the spacing of gutter hangers and brackets and their installation process. It will help them properly install and maintain the gutter system.

What Are Gutter Hangers?

Gutter hangers are one of the vital parts in the gutter system attached to the roof of houses. They act as the external weight-bearing supporting part for gutters to divert rainwater away from the house properly.

The gutter hangers are available in various types based on the material they are made of, style and size of hangers. Spikes and ferrules, brackets and straps, Hidden hangers, T-bar hangers and wrap-around hangers are some types of gutter hangers. Based on the materials they are made of, gutter hangers are available in Aluminum, Iron, Zinc, Steel and Copper.

What Is The Importance Of Gutter Hangers?

Gutter hangers are the supportive vital part of the gutter system and aid the attachment of the gutter to the roof of the house. They are mainly responsible for preventing water damage to the gutter and ensuring its stability and safety. Their importance in bearing the weight of both gutters and the water passing through them is remarkable. The appropriate size of gutter hangers for the gutters bears up even the increased weight during heavy rain. It helps prevent gutter leakage, a major issue for house owners.

How Far Apart Should Gutter Hangers Be Installed?

The gutter hangers should be installed a maximum of three feet far apart from each other, which is 24 to 36 inches apart is the standard. Spacing is an important factor you should consider during the installation process of gutter hangers. The spacing varies with influencing factors such as the type of the guttering system, the material used and the climate in which it is installed.

In cool climates, the gutter hanger is commonly attached with a space of two feet (12 to 24 inches) far apart to compensate for the weight of snow and ice.

Accurate spacing is an important factor for the effectiveness and good performance o the gutter system. If the spacing fails, the gutter system installation fails and causes severe water damage to the gutter system. Exact measurements are required to determine the accurate spacing between gutters during installation. 

How Many Gutter Brackets Per Meter?

Commonly 2-3 gutter brackets are installed per 1.83m gutter length. The number of brackets used may differ with the types of guttering systems. For example, the half-round, deep, square mini guttering system uses one bracket per meter that is 1 meter apart, and the industrial guttering system uses one bracket per meter that is 60cm apart.

The main consideration of roof constructors is always the accurate spacing between each bracket. Bracket spacing depends on different influencing factors such as the size, weight of the gutter system and the climate of the area. The area with snow falling is the main concern in spacing.

The stability and safety of the gutter system depend on the spacing and the number of brackets installed. Comparatively shorter space and enough number of brackets bear the pressure of the water ad and prevent the damage. Hence proper installation of the system is important.

Does The Type Of Gutter Material Affect Hanger Spacing?

The type of gutter material obviously affects the hanger spacing. It may be due to the bearing weight properties and the materials’ pressure.

Gutter hangers for galvanized Steel, Copper, Zinc or Stainless Steel guttering system uses three spaces and cast Aluminium and cast Iron guttering systems use two spaces per gutter length (1.83m).

Does The Type Of Gutter Material Affect Hanger Spacing?

How Do You Measure Gutter Brackets?

The measurement for the gutter brackets is obtained from the distance between the gutter and the wall where it is attached. The number of gutter brackets used is calculated with the standoff measurement of the total length of the gutter channel and is divided by the standard length of ne spacing. The weight of the gutter system determines the size of the gutter brackets and hangers used.

The radius gutter brackets are another type used to install gutter in curved areas and balconies. The measurement used here is the width and depth of the curve.

How To Install Gutter Hangers?

Installation of gutter hangers is not an easy process. But it can be processed in simplified ways according to industry standards. 

First, you have to choose a suitable gutter with high durability, less expense and less maintenance requirement among the various types available in the market. Then you have to ensure the slope of the gutter is able to divert water and the gutter placement along the edge of the roof.

Then the gutter hangers are installed with the determined spaces based on the climate. In warm areas, you should install the gutter hangers every 24 inches spacing and in cool climates, you should install the gutter hangers with a space of 18 inches. It is because the snow in the cool areas affects the change in weight for a long period.

The first hanger is placed 6 inches apart from the gutter’s surface during the installation of gutter hangers. The hangers are fixed to the lip of the gutter using the hook. Then you can fix the screw using a drill until it gets tight. You should avoid over-tightening the screw, screwing the lip of the gutter with the hanger and stopping and restarting driving the screw during the installation process of gutter hangers to get high performance of gutter system.

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