does zerowater filter remove fluoride

Does ZeroWater Filter Remove Fluoride? [Updated Guide]

Purifying water has been a major topic in the world for decades since water has been our first drink throughout our lifetime. Therefore, inventions for water filtration come and go from time to time, and the zero water filters have taken a prominent place nowadays. And today’s topic is ‘Does zerowater filter remove fluoride’ as fluoride is one of the main minerals which consist of unfiltered water, and we should consume it in a careful manner.

What are the Pros and Cons of Fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral, and it already mixes with natural water resources from rocks and soil. And it is an essential chemical compound that helps to prevent tooth atrophy because fluoride fights against the unfavorable bacteria in our mouth. Besides, fluoride helps with the new bone formation of our body. However, it is recommended to consume 4mg of fluoride for men and 3mg of fluoride for women a day.

The reason why there are some negative effects of too much fluoride consumption. Dental fluorosis, which causes changes in the appearance of our enamel, bone, and muscular damage, chronic issues, and skeletal fluorosis are some of the major problems of too much fluoride consumption. Therefore, it is worth being aware of how you can remove fluoride from the water.

What is ZeroWater Filters?

At present, there are various types of products in the market, and they are introduced as zero water filters. In contrast, the ZeroWater trademark belongs to a manufacturing company of water filtration products in Pennsylvania, US. It is an Ion Exchange filter.

The specialty of this type of water filter is it can not only purify the tap water like regular filters but also removes 99.6% of all dissolved solids in the water, such as chlorine and fluoride. For doing this process, zero water filter consists of five stage filter system, unlike the other standard two or four-stage filters. The name of the product claims that it is the only product that approaches a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) reading of 000. The transparent pitcher consists of a filter in the center. You can use ZeroWater pitcher as a dispenser in the refrigerator as well.

Does ZerowaterFilter Remove Fluoride? 

Yes, your ZeroWater filter has the ability to remove fluoride from the water. As the company claims 99% of fluoride removes from your tap water through this filter, and the fidelity has been tested by some parties using fluoride meters as well. Here are the steps to do a test if you are also interested in testing your ZeroWater filter.

  1. Fill tap water into a glass.
  2. Test the fluoride level of the glass of water using a fluoride meter.
  3. After that, you have to filter the same glass of water using your ZeroWater filter.
  4. Check the fluoride level of the filtered water.
  5. Compare the ppm value of normal tap water and filtered water.

As we mentioned earlier, there are some more brands in the market that follow the same process for water filtration. Therefore, you should be keen to buy a good quality one rather than buying a cheaper one.

How Does ZeroWater Filter Work?

It is worth having a look at how this amazing pitcher works. In our case, how does ZeroWater filter remove fluoride? Indeed, fluoride is somewhat hard to filter. And we are going to filter a pitcher of water, so the quantity of water is less supportive to properly do this process. Usually, this pitcher takes five minutes to filter a full jug of water. However, the time may vary according to the TDS level of your water. If the level is high, the filter takes a long time, and vice versa. Normally, the age of a ZeroWater filter is about six months in an average house. Anyways, we know that we can trust the ZeroWater filter, and this is how it works.

We call the process that the filters used to remove the inorganic chemicals as ion exchange process. It is common to zero water filters as well. So, the superiority of the ZeroWater filter depends on the advanced five filters of the product. This technology puts its full effort into zeroing inorganic chemicals, including fluoride.

Now Let’s Talk About These Five Stages in Detail

1st Stage – in the very first stage, the coarse filter screen does its duty, removing some larger particles of the water, especially dirt, oil, and other microorganisms.

2nd Stage – secondly, the fourth distributor creates small openings in foam in order for the water to go in and filter.

3rd Stage – there are multiple layers of activated carbon and oxidation, which allow passing the water through and reduce alloys. And the 3rd stage looks out to slow growing the bacteria.

4th Stage – the 4th stage is the place where fluoride is removed. Because there is a dual comprehensive ion exchange resin, and it can remove inorganic compounds such as fluoride, metals, nonmetals, and radiological contaminants.

5th Stage – a non-woven layer and a superfine screen remove any remaining solids and particles at last.

Accordingly, ZeroWater filter will effectively purify your tap water, providing five layers of filtration. And although you boil the water for drinking, it will not reduce the fluoride level in the water except dissipate the power. And ZeroWater filter has the ability to vanish all the other unfavorable germs and impurities such as Copper, Zinc, Mercury, Iron apart from fluoride. So, it is worth affording ZeroWater filter considering your long-term health and money.


We hope you can get the answers to all your doubts regarding the ZeroWater filters and their process of removing fluoride. But it is not all to buy one and use straight forward; you have to maintain it properly to avoid any troublesome situation. To keep your pitcher last long, follow these simple rules regularly.

  1. Do the installation correctly according to the guideline since improper installation can make your ZeroWater filter slow.
  2. Clean the pitcher and its’ all parts regularly.
  3. Avoid pouring too hot water as well as too cold water. It might damage the pitcher.

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