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Does Super Glue Expire? Is Extending the Lifetime Possible?

If you are reading this, I bet you are facing two problems. One is you have something to get glued, but your adhesive is expired. The other is you need to figure out what to do with the expired super glue. There must be a lot of glue left over in the tube. But sadly, you notice the expiry date has passed. Does super glue expire? Let’s explore whether you can increase the lifetime of the superglue you purchase.

Unfortunately, glue does have an expiration date. Almost all glue types become ineffective after the date of expiry. But the lifetime depends on the type of glue. As introduced by its common name, Cyanoacrylate adhesive or superglue has a life span of about two to three years. Superglue is applied to bond surfaces made of stone, metal, wood, ceramic, paper, and other surfaces. This type of glue is popular because of its ability to resist moisture and temperature.

Does Super Glue Expire?

Typically glue expires because the chemicals inside the glue breakdown down over time. As a result, the glue becomes ineffective and results in less than expected. The same happens to superglue as well. You may notice that the surfaces will not bond tightly if the glue has expired. The expiration date of the superglue is printed on the tube. Do pay close attention to it. Getting exposed to exposed glue can cause serious health issues sometimes. So, if the superglue is old, it’s better to test it before use.

How to Know If the Super Glue has Expired?

There are a couple of ways to know whether your superglue has expired. Firstly, you can check the date of expiry printed on the bottle or the tube. But if the expiry date is off the tube, try testing. You can extract a small amount of adhesive and apply it on a surface. If it works well, the super glue has stayed strong. Not working means it’s time to discard the tube. But before we discard the super glue, it’s vital to double-check if it still works.

When does Super Glue Expire?

Sadly, superglue expires typically quicker than other water-based glue formulas. However, this may depend on the temperature. Now you know the answer to the question, ‘does super glue expire.’ So, you may wonder whether you can increase the shelf life of your glue. If you want to increase the shelf life of unopened superglue bottles, do this. Store them in a freezer until you open them. This way, the unopened adhesives can survive for around two-three years.

Typically super, glue expires within two-three years. But. It may vary in how you store it. To lengthen the lifespan, you need to store it in a cool and dry place. Make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Tightly sealing the bottle or tube without forgetting is also vital. Doing this keeps the superglue fresh for a long time. Also, store it in a freezer if you need to start using the glue after buying. Remember to bring it back to the average temperature before use.

Can you Use Expired Super Glue?

Unfortunately, you cannot use expired superglue. When the expiry date has passed, its adhesive property gradually loses. Therefore, you won’t be able to stick surfaces together as usual. The superglue will not work correctly on any surface. So, You better use the glue before it expires. It’s also important to discard the expired superglue properly.

Although you won’t be able to bond surfaces together, you can make other uses. You can use expired superglue to make simple crafts. It’s one of the best ways to make slime. Slime is a substance children use to play with and form shapes. Playing with slime doesn’t have to stick to surfaces. So, the glue doesn’t need to have any solid adhesive qualities.

How to Increase the Lifespan of Super Glue?

There are a few tips to help you expand the shelf life of your adhesive. Follow the below tips so you will be reassured about glue quickly expiring.

Store in a Dark Place

The most important thing is to keep the glue away from moisture. Superglue polymerizes when contacted with water. So, this is the leading cause for it getting dried early. You can try out several ways to store it in a dry place. So you can store the glue in an air-sealed bag. Even keeping it in a plastic bag or box will help. Or you can keep a silica gel pouch next to the super glue. It will absorb the moisture in the surrounding air. Also, you can even store the glue in a cold area. It can be in a cool room or even in a refrigerator.

Avoid Exposure to Sunlight

Sunlight speeds the drying process of adhesives because sunlight makes the molecules in glue move faster. The result is glue bonding quickly. Storing in a cool area away from sunlight will solve the problem.

Store in the Original Container

The best place to keep the adhesive is its original container. So, do not try to move it out of the container.

Wipe the Nozzle After Use

Remember to clean the nozzle area after each use. Close the lid tightly so that moisture doesn’t enter. Remove the leftover glue in the nozzle using a piece of cloth. If it’s impossible, try using acetone and rubbing the nozzle area. This technique may remove any remaining dried adhesive. Even if that doesn’t work, using a knife will work. But, do this as the very last option.

Read this Bit Before Disposing of Super Glue

You can dispose of the empty container in the garbage. If there is remaining glue, allow it to harden. Afterward, dispose of the solid glue in the garbage. You can take the expired superglue to a hazardous waste collection center. Does Super Glue expire? Now you know it does. It would help if you discarded the expired glue appropriately because exposure to expired glue could be hazardous.

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