does sunlight kill black mold

Does Sunlight Kill Black Mold? Debunking the Myths!

A major thing that causes unpleasant interiors is black mold. Due to excessive dampness, the surfaces of your home might also suffer from this issue. Black mold does not only ruin the clean appearance of the surface but also brings you some serious health issues. Thus, you should not neglect getting rid of black mold. When it comes to natural mold-killing elements that are against moisture, you might consider sunlight. Does sunlight kill black mold? Yes, you are right; it helps to kill mold to some extent. Refer to the below paragraphs to get a thorough idea regarding this reaction.

What is Black Mold, and Why is It a Concern? 

Black mold (Stachybotrys) is a kind of fungus that exists in damp interior areas. As its name indicates, this fungus is usually black in color, so it can ruin the appearance of your walls, ceilings, showers, windows, etc.

It can grow in damp areas which have sources of cellulose, so some foods also become victims of black mold. The reason for black mold to grow is the lack of ventilation. And if your house faces high humidity, the moisture can form black mold.

If you expose to black mold, it can bring you various health issues. You might have nasal congestion due to the musty smell of black mold. And in case you are highly sensitive to mold, you will have allergic reactions such as sneezing, reddish eyes, skin rashes, etc.

Someone can suffer from coughing, too, because of respiratory problems. If you expose to mold for years, you might have some more serious issues, such as chronic fatigue and brain fog. Thus, it is vital to get rid of black mold in your home.

Does Sunlight Kill Black Mold? 

As we discussed earlier, excessive moisture is the reason for black mold. Therefore, sunlight has the ability to kill visible black mold using its ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV-C of UV light can produce radiation and kill fungal cells of black mold.

What happens is it penetrates the organism’s cells and then damages the DNA of the mold. In other words, UV-C can disrupt the nuclei of microorganisms of mold. Since the DNA is harmed, the mold can no longer grow on the surface.

Rather than perpetuating itself, the cells die gradually. That is why, you cannot see outdoor mold as much as indoor molds.

You may wonder whether indirect sunlight can kill the mold. The short answer is no. If the sunlight comes through the window glasses or any other filter, it cannot impact black mold.

This is the main disadvantage of considering this technique for mold. So, sunlight can be mostly used for items that have mold on them; after cleaning the surface, you should expose it to direct sunlight for a few hours.

In case the mold has been covered by dust or debris, the sunlight cannot reach the mold spores.

If the mold has already grown stubbornly on a surface, you definitely need to remove them using some strong substance like bleach.

Sunlight can mostly prevent growing future mold on surfaces since it does not allow moisture to remain.

How Long Does It Take for the Sun to Kill Black Mold? 

It will be enough to expose the object to direct sunlight for 1 to 3 hours to prevent forming black mold. Then the ultraviolet light will kill the DNA of mold spores. And it would always be better to expose somewhat harsh sun rays instead of mild sunny weather.

Before you expose the surface to the sunlight, remember to clean it using bleach, vinegar, or a mold cleaner, which is available in the market.  

Does Sunlight Stop Mold from Growing? 

Yes, you may have noticed that the areas which get direct sunlight do not have mold. Most of the time, the damp areas suffer from mold.

If the direct sunlight gets to those areas consistently, there is no chance for mold to grow.

If some areas do not receive enough sunlight, you can use a lamp to place in such locations.

It may impact mold to some extent. It would be better to utilize an HVAC system with UV lights.

Does Fresh Air Kill Mold? 

Only fresh air cannot impact stubborn mold much. The combination of fresh air and sunlight can considerably affect growing mold. Indeed, the lack of ventilation is another major reason for mold to grow. Therefore, any surface should receive enough fresh air.

You can keep open the doors and windows of your home to promote air circulation. Then the mold spores are pushed out by the air. If there is high humidity in your house, make sure to use a dehumidifier as well.

What Naturally Kills Black Mold? 

There are a few natural substances that can kill black mold.

  1. Tea Tree Oil – the natural fungicide in tea tree oil can prevent black mold from coming again. You can mix tea tree oil with some water and spray it on the affected area. Leave it for an hour, then wipe it with a clean microfiber towel.
  2. Grapefruit Seed Oil – the polyphenols in grapefruit seed can kill most bacteria, including mold. Again, you will need around 10 drops of oil to mix with some water. After that, you can spray, leave for an hour and wipe it off. (
  3. Baking Soda – baking soda is great at preventing mold. Use equal amounts of water and baking soda, then mix and make a paste. Then apply it to the area and scrub using a brush. After you clean the area well, you can wipe the residue using a microfiber towel.
  4. Vinegar – white vinegar comes with acidic antibacterial properties, so it can help to get rid of mold too. Spray the vinegar on the problematic area and leave it for a while before wiping.

What Naturally Kills Black Mold

What Makes Mold Worse? 

Since moisture helps the mold to grow faster, you need to protect the interior from dampness. Therefore, you should check if there are spots with water leaks. And make sure to maintain a proper piping system.

If the mold grows around shower areas, the first reason is leaky pipes. And there should be a proper water drainage system.

If the water stinks in the basement area for a long time, mold can easily grow and spread. After heavy rains, it would be better to check whether there are damp areas. If you notice some, immediately clean the area and supply good ventilation.

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