Carrier vs lennox furnace

Carrier vs Lennox furnace – Read The Best Review And Decide

Furnaces play a vital role in keeping our spirits up on those gloomy, chilled-to-the-bone days. The industry has several remarkable brands that one might be confusing what to choose according to their choices. Certainly, most stop at the midline through Carrier vs Lennox furnace, hesitating on the final decision.

It is a long-term investment that everyone comes upon. Understanding your true necessity and matching the particular desire with the brand or the product in the market is the key to solving this enormous head-scratcher. You do not need to worry because furnace manufacturing comes with various technologies and models at present.

Efficiency, Technology, Price, Warranty, and Reliability are the main aspects to search through when finding your right furnace mate. Please do not lean over only one feature. It is best to consider all or as many as you can when choosing the right product.

Carrier vs Lennox Furnace

When considering the ages Carrier is the eldest. The company was founded in 1915. Lennox was started in 1959. Please don’t make a quick decision by considering the years that they were founded. Let’s start by analyzing the characteristics mentioned above.

Which Furnace Has the Best Efficiency Carrier Or Lennox?

Bigger furnaces are not always the highest in efficiency. Size does not matter when calculating the capacity of a furnace.

We calculate the efficiency of a vehicle by the unit miles per gallon. Likewise, the efficiency of furnaces is discussed in Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This is simply the rate of converting the fuel (gas, electricity, propane, solar power, wood, coal, oil, etc.) into warm air that is distributed throughout the house.

When you have a higher AFUE value, the efficiency also parallelly increases. That means higher efficiency makes low costs. The minimum AFUE is 80. This means only 20% of the fuel is wasted in combustion. Starting from 94 and ending at 98.5 is the highest ranked efficiency group among the furnaces that are in use today.

Both our main brands currently produce furnaces in this high-efficiency range.

  • Carrier infinity 98 gas furnace with green speed-59MN7- 98.5 % AFUE
  • Lennox DLSC SLP99V.- 99% AFUE

Lennox owns the highest efficiency machine with a lead of 0.5% AFUE than the highest efficiency of the Carrier.

Technology Used In Carrier and Lennox Furnaces

Both machines present the latest technology. 

The latest Lennox furnace that has mentioned above has the highest level of humidity control and is quite functioning. This also has decreased not only fuel wastage but also the heat wastage by a secondary heat exchanger.

A variable speed blower motor, modulating gas valve technology, a secondary heat exchanger, and two staged gas valves are some significant features of the Carrier brand that we discussed. Carrier 98 model has a humidifier that does not make the thermostat go up while making the average conditions of humidity in the seasons.

Which Is Affordable; Carrier Or Lennox Furnace?

The size of the furnace and its price of it are directly proportional to each other. Carrier infinity 98 will cost you a price of $6000- $7000. 

Lennox SLP99V will cost $6500-$ 7800 for the installation, while the furnace will cost you $3250-$3750. Lennox is sold via HVAC technicians. Therefore, it includes two charges. It is important to find a trustworthy contractor for an installation without errors.

The price comparison clearly shows you that the Carrier infinity model is less costly than the Lennox model that we took as an example.

Warranty of Carrier vs Lennox

The manufacturer and the HVAC company or person affect the time of warranty. A tip to make the warranty comparison is to select models that are with similar features, just like the two models we got as the example. Sometimes if you happen to get the help of a separate contractor, make sure to take an additional warranty from him (or from the company) too.

Carrier infinity 98 gives you a ten-year limited warranty on selected parts, while Lennox also offers a ten-year limited warranty on some parts.

But you can get an additional warranty from the installation company for your Lennox furnace. Don’t forget to ask for that.

Which Furnace is More Reliable? Carrier or Lennox?

None of the two furnaces stands out in the reliable line. But market research has confirmed that most people find it difficult to search Lennox parts in case of any repair. Such troubles were not found with Carrier furnaces.

When it comes to the dark winter months, reliability matters the most. Even the thought of remaining cold until the technicians arrive and fix the problem is like a bad nightmare. Isn’t that so?

Model types

  • Carrier furnaces are presented as Base, Comfort, Performance, and Infinity series.
  • Lennox furnaces come in the Merit, Elite, and Dev categories.

Now it must be crystal clear to you that these two brands do not show much difference in every aspect other than the price range. Expect the installation fee; all the features, warranty period, etc., are the same in both. If you choose Lennox furnace as your long-term warming buddy, you must go for a reputed HVAC mechanic too. If it is installed wrong, you will always have to spend extra on repairs.

The age of your home is also a non-separable factor to be concerned about in a furnace purchase. If your home was built before 1979, you should have a less efficient furnace. Therefore on such occasions, efficiency is the major facet that you must follow.

Our Verdict: What Furnace Is Better, Carrier or Lennox?

Parts availability of Lennox is rare, and it is a narrow search. And also, the lennox furnaces must be placed via a dealer or an HVAC technician. It will cost you extra than the purchase cost. Apart from those, both furnaces share the same levels in the scale of warranty, technology, and efficiency, for instance.


Selecting a suitable and affordable furnace is not just a pickup. A quality ground search on every aspect that affects the functioning, maintenance, installation, etc., must be done when you are buying a furnace. 

As per the details we discussed, Carrier vs Lennox furnace basically shows similarities. What you have to do is to identify your actual desire and the budget that you lean upon.

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