can you replace 1 side of sliding glass door

Can you Replace 1 Side of Sliding Glass Door? Easy Steps!

A sliding glass door is one of the greatest ways to get natural sunlight into your residence. Furthermore, it enhances the visual appeal of your house and creates a lovely exterior perspective. Even though it is visually appealing and looks cool, sliding doors, nevertheless, have the potential to be harmed or shattered, similar to any glass object. You may have to change both sides if both get shattered; however, can you replace 1 side of sliding glass door if only one side gets hurt? It can be very cost-efficient and convenient for most homeowners. So let us find out.

What to Do When your Sliding Glass Door Shattered?

The initial and most crucial procedure involves eliminating any residual pieces of shattered glass from the doorway and the ground. Before picking up the broken object, put on close-toed footwear, protective gloves, and protective eyewear.

Dont take the glass in your arms alone. Don’t sit on the floor because the glass might cut your legs. The bigger glass fragments can be picked up if you are wearing protective gloves. Use a broom to sweep up any tiny fragments of glass. Place the glassware in a sturdy vessel to avoid breakage. 

After that, you may have to take procedures to fix the door right away since it is not safe to leave your house entrance open for burglars. You can call a professional or contractor to look at your door, take measurements, and fix them immediately. Or you alone can do this job if you know what to do.

Nevertheless, a contractor fixes the door as soon as possible; it could take some time, right? You should come up with some ways to safeguard your house from burglars. For instance, you may temporarily cover the entrance or block the entrance with any heavy object.

What to Do When your Sliding Glass Door Shattered

Can you Replace 1 Side of Sliding Glass Door?

You can change it, of course. It relies on how damaged and in what state the patio doorway is. As the sliding door is in excellent shape, you may repair only one side of the sliding glass door.

You may swap out one part of your glass sliding door if you purchase the correct component. In certain cases, only the glass must be replaced, not the entire door.

Sometimes you have to swap out the whole door since you can’t access one half. When more alternatives become available over time, it might be challenging to find certain models and styles again.

Hence, if you’re able to readily locate the damaged section of the sliding door, you may replace it. If not, you must replace it completely as soon as possible.

But make absolutely sure you have the necessary knowledge and resources before attempting to rebuild your doorway yourself.

How to Replace Just One Side of a Glass Door?

You can easily repair damaged glass on your screen door by following these simple procedures. Keep in mind that you ought to constantly make an effort to accomplish this cautiously.

To accomplish the job, you must acquire a Hammer, Sticky Knife, rubber gloves, Tape Measures, Caulk, Pry Bar, Marker, and Glass Cutter. 

When you start, ensure you possess all of the equipment listed above and the necessary abilities to securely operate each of the goods.

Eliminate The Clips

Put on your work gloves. Begin by disassembling the clips and glass fragments with a craft knife, hammer, and pry bar. Don’t squander it since it’s usable afterward. Then, make sure to remove the clips.

Remove Shattered Glass

Use maximum patience and care to remove the shattered glass from the doorway. You need to use extreme caution to prevent any mishaps or injuries. Any little glass fragments still present can be taken out using a putty knife.

Inspect the Frame

The replacement glass frame will now be installed. Here, detailed calculations are essential. Thus, using a tape measure, begin by measuring the sliding door from left to right, followed by the top to bottom. You need to leave 1/4 inch on all edges.

Getting Prepared for the Installation of New Glass

In accordance with the dimensions you obtained, set the fresh window on your doorway and draw some lines on it. To do this, employ a marker pen. After that, cut the material in a single direction using a glass cutter and a straight ruler. Because even the smallest error might result in a catastrophe, extreme caution is required.

Set Up the Fresh Glass

The replacement glass may now be installed, at last. Implement silicone caulk to the open gaps using this method. Carefully set the glass on the caulk. Additional caulk can be applied to the corners to help hold the glass in position. Use nails and holes that have identical sizes to attach the clips.

Perhaps if you think you aren’t capable of doing the last 2 steps, you may skip that and ask a professional to make your door. Furthermore, you can completely rely on a contractor to do the job since it could be perplexing and require more skills.

Can I Replace a Sliding Door Without Replacing the Frame?

It is definitely possible to replace a door without changing the framework as far as the frame is in excellent shape and the replacement doorway piece is the same dimension as the previous one.

You could simply change the whole or a portion of the glass according to the status of your sliding glass door. It may be sufficient to just replace the glass.

If the glass is broken, only fixing it will save costs. The proper cut for your sliding door should be purchased when changing just the glass, though.

Nonetheless, several symptoms may suggest the need for a new door frame. Thus, the entire panel must be completely replaced when the conditions below are met.

  • Fractures
  • Breaks up
  • Twisting
  • Punctures
  • Severe dents.

It might appear more economical to replace just the glass; however, the protection of your household is something you cannot give up on. In order to guarantee that your property stays safe and functional, it provides the most logic to replace the complete door.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace One Panel of a Sliding Glass Door?

The price might vary from 300 USD to 1800 USD based on the entrance dimensions, manufacturer, size of screens, and kind of glass used.

It may be beneficial to only replace the damaged portion of your sliding glass door since it will cut the cost and man work by half, and it won’t require any foundation jobs.

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