can you put a canopy over a fire pit

Can you Put a Canopy Over a Fire Pit? Safety for Your Fire Pit!

Outdoor barbeque with a cozy fire pit always sounds great. And also, a fire pit/campfire is an efficacious item in any campsite. While you enjoy a fire pit, there are some safety precautions you should not ignore. Today, we write about such an area you should be aware of. Can you put a canopy over a fire pit? Is it safe? Today, we will converse the safety condition of having a cover over your fire pit. There are some key points you need to consider when making this setup. Thus, keep scrolling and get the knowledge!

Can you Put a Canopy Over a Fire Pit? 

Yes, it is possible to put a canopy above the fire pit. But you need to be careful when you create this setup. Most importantly, you should choose a suitable canopy that can be put over a fire pit. There are a lot of canopies, and most of them are not fire-safe.

The canopy you choose should be heat-resistant. Moreover, it should be capable of withstanding carbon monoxide gas. Thus, you have to buy a canopy that comes with those certifications; you cannot use a regular one because it can catch fire and spread within a second.

The second important thing is the size of the fire pit you are going to create. It is advisable to put a canopy over a small to medium-sized fire pit that does not grow further.

What’s more, you need to consider the weather condition at the moment. There might be restrictions to creating fire pits, especially in dry zones, so ensure to follow those particular precautions in the area.

If you do not care about these things, your joy will end up with a disaster, so ensure to follow them.

What Kind of Canopy Can I Put Over a Fire Pit? 

You should go through the manufacturer’s details and see whether the canopy has these qualities.

  • Basically, the canopy should be made of a material that can withstand heat. The fabric should be strong enough to bear the heat for a long time.
  • The canopy you choose should be tall enough to facilitate the flames. You are suggested to use a canopy at least 10 feet tall. A long distance is important for the smoke to go away as well.
  • It would be better to choose a canopy that has an opening on the top; then, the smoke has no chance of remaining inside the canopy. Proper ventilation is a must when you put a canopy over a fire pit; otherwise, you will have to face some breathing difficulties and eye pain. Indeed, the carbon monoxide that the fire issue is a poisonous gas.
  • Do not use a canopy that covers the sides. There should be proper air circulation inside the canopy. If there are sides in your canopy, it is a must to clip them as the air can come into the canopy.

Safety Tips to Follow When Putting a Canopy Over a Fire Pit

To avoid any dangerous situations, keep these safety tips in your mind when putting your canopy over the fire pit.

  • First of all, ensure to create a small fire pit that cannot grow. Especially if you make it in a windy area, the fire can grow further. Please do not make a fire pit in a very dry area because the fire can spread quickly.
  • And it is advisable to use a fire pit that has sides so the fire will stay remained inside the block.
  • It is highly recommended to keep a fire extinguisher nearby. In case you have to face an unexpected situation due to an uncontrollable fire pit, you can use it without delay to protect yourself and others. If you do not have a fire extinguisher, keep a water hose nearby.
  • Do not keep flammable things such as papers, tires, and clothes near the fire pit. Keep things about 16 to 20 feet away from the fire pit.
  • If you hope to use a natural gas product, make sure to check if there are any gas hose leakages before making the fire.
  • It is not recommended to use the fire pit as a stove for cooking or boiling water. The reason why, the meal can make more smoke.
  • Check whether the surface that you installed in the fire pit is stable. And also, you should install the canopy tightly.
  • When you remove the canopy, remember to blow out the fire pit first.
  • Do not sleep under the canopy when there is a fire pit.

What Source of Fire Should I Use Under a Canopy? 

There are natural sources as well as commercial products to create a fire. If you use wood to make the fire pit, it can create a great black smoke. And also, burning wood can issue carbon particles that contain offensive gas. Moreover, the burning wood particles can be thrown away from the fire pit.

If they come into contact with a flammable thing, there will be an emergency. Due to these cases, it is not recommended to use wood as the fire source under a canopy. You should not use lighter fluid as well because it can make a huge flame.

What Source of Fire Should I Use Under a Canopy

You can use odorless and fumeless natural gas or propane for your fire pit under the canopy. There are some reliable commercial products to create a fire instantly and safely. But be careful with those because they are stronger than wood.

Before you use a fire source, make sure to find out the legal permissions to use them in your state or country.

What to Do If the Canopy Catches Fire?

In case the canopy catches fire, follow these rules. If you have a fire extinguisher, immediately grab it and spray it on the fire.

A water hose is also good for controlling the fire. If you can remove the items inside the canopy, do it carefully.

Especially if there are flammable and bursting stuff, use a long pole to drag them out. Never try to remove the burning canopy because the burned particles can fall down and burn you.

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