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Best Place to Buy Japanese Knives Online – [Best & Quality Places]

Japanese knives are the ultimate top-notch when it comes to quality. But purchasing a legit one can be challenging since the market is full of duplicates and originals, especially in the online market. So, what is the best place to buy Japanese knives online? 

Stick with the article and learn the best places that sell a good deal of legit Japanese knives.

Purchasing products online is no new thing in this era. It is very popular since it is very convenient for both sellers and buyers.

But the only concerning drawback is sometimes you get scammed, knowingly or unknowingly.

When purchasing Japanese knives, this issue can become quite challenging as numerous stores sell fake Japanese knives that aren’t authentic. 

So you have to look for a genuine place before buying a Japanese knife. 

This article will discuss why it’s worth purchasing a Japanese knife, what brands to consider, and where to buy them. 

Is It Worth Buying Japanese Knives? 


Japanese knives are worth trying, given their quality and functionality. 

Compared to other Western knives, Japanese knives are light and extremely sharp. They will let you cut through any food smoothly and effortlessly without hand fatigue. 

The edges of the knives are long-lasting. So you do not have to bother about re-sharpening the edges frequently. 

There are different types of Japanese knives designed for various purposes. You can purchase the knife you want for your specified task. 

And the job it does? It is impeccable! On top of it, these knives have an extensive lifetime which is worth the price.

Many chefs and professionals highly appreciate the job of Japanese knives. These knives have always been popular among high-end people in the culinary world. 

So if you need clarification on whether it is worth buying a Japanese knife, stop there. It is WORTH! 

Best Place to Buy Japanese Knives Online

There are many options when choosing a store to purchase Japanese knives online. 

But obviously, we would want the best and most legit product. 

So what are the best places to buy Japanese knives online? 

We’ve got you!

We have carefully analyzed stores that sell Japanese knives across the web and have filtered the best places for you.

The below-given places are recorded with massive web traffic, which is evidence of their excellent service.

Let us take you right through the best places to buy Japanese knives online without further ado. 

  • Chef Knives To Go 

This website sells a wide range of Japanese knives and accessories. You can find any knife of any brand on their page. (If something is out of stock, its responsibility would not be taken.) 

  • Knife Wear 

Knife wear has a vast collection of blades and knives. This is a Canadian store, but they ship internationally. They also provide knife/ blade sharpening services for reasonable prices. Check out their Japanese knife collection. 

  • MTC Kitchen 

We would name this the “Chef’s Favorite.” MTC Kitchen offers various high-end knives, including Japanese ones. 

  • Carbon 

You can find the most compelling knife collection here. If you live close to Denver, you can also walk into their showroom and check out the products they sell. 

  • Korin 

Korin sells almost all knives and blades. It is another well-known store for their knives and Japanese collection. You can purchase online or visit their store to get your hands on some products. 

  • My Good Knife 

My Good Knives is another popular store that sells a wide variety of knives and blades across the globe. You can easily search for any kind of Japanese knife and purchase.

  • Japanese Knife Imports 

 Many ‘Japanese’ claiming websites sell unauthentic knives with poor quality. So you have to be wise enough to choose the authentic one. Japanese Knife Imports is one of such legit stores where you can purchase knives online. You can get from them some additional services such as sharpening, custom engraving, and re-handling, which is a perk. 

  • JB Prince 

JB Prince is the paradise of Kitchenware. You can find any kitchenware and accessories in their store, including Japanese Knives. 

  • Coutelier Nola 

This store is run by two chefs themselves. They sell high-end knives in different types. Most of their collections are hand-picked by them the chefs. 

Best Japanese Knives to Buy 

There are different kinds of Japanese knives you can use for many purposes.

So, if this is your first time buying one, let us recommend some of the best Japanese knives. (Thank us later) 

  • Musashi VG-10 Steel Yaki Urushi Handle Chef Knife 18cm 

The double edges knife is made of VG-10 stainless steel. 

It is durable and very sharp for you to cut through both soft and hard food.

It has dents on its edge that will help you avoid food sticking to the blade when cutting (one annoying aspect out of the agenda). The handle is also comfortable and just the right size. 

  • Musashi Silver Steel Rosewood Chef Knife 21cm 

This knife has an equal reputation. It is double-edged, long-lasting, non-slippery, and very sharp with a rustic look.

The handle is comfort targeted; hence it lets you have an easy grip. 

Best Japanese Knives to Buy 

  • Tojiro Pro Flash Chef Knife 24cm 

This knife can also provide a smooth cutting experience. The blade comprises 63 layers of Damascus steel, while the core is VG-10 steel. 

The handle is very comfortable to balance as well. 

  • Miyabi 5000 FCD Chef Knife 24cm 

Miyabi 5000 FCD knives are available in 20cm and 24cm. 

They are durable and aesthetic, with exceptional sharpness. 

  • Shun Kai Kanso Chef Knife 20cm 

The double bevel-shaped knife has a whole tang structure. 

It is made of full carbon stainless steel and has fantastic sharpness and handling comfort. 

  • Shun Kai Seki Magoroku Benifuji Chef Knife 27cm

It is made of smooth stainless steel. The handle is triple riveted, hence very comfortable to use. 

It is sharp and long-lasting and has popularity to it too. 


Japanese knives are known for their seamless cutting and long-lasting quality. Purchasing them is worth it. There are several stores where you can buy them with the best quality. Refer to our article thoroughly for all the information. 

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