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Are Kongs Dishwasher Safe? Key Factors To Keep In Mind!!

It is a good idea to clean the Kong toy of your dog, but you may not be sure how to do it in a safe manner. And you might have come up with the idea to clean it in the dishwasher. However, are Kongs dishwasher safe? We are going to answer your question today, clarifying all your doubts regarding the cleaning Kong toy.

Yes, it is safe to clean the Kong toy in a dishwasher. And it is one of the easiest ways to clean it. But there are some key points you should remember when you do that cleaning. On the other hand, if you don’t have a dishwasher, don’t worry; there are some alternative ways to clean it properly. So, stick with the article all along.

What is Kong Classic?

If you are new to dog parenthood, it is worth knowing first what is a Kong toy and its usage. Kong Classic is a popular toy for dogs that comes from the Kong company, US. It is a non-toxic rubber toy with a burrow center and has a cone-shape.

The rubber is durable and long-lasting. And that has been designed to cope with the baneful chewing habits of the dogs, but not in a suppressive manner. Because this toy will satisfy your dog, providing a good way to console their natural chewing instinct. Moreover, you can fill this burrow with anything your dog loves to chew, such as peanut butter, yogurt, biscuits, cottage cheese, dog food, etc.

According to the company, it can help your dogs in various ways, such as for chewing, crate training, boredom, anxiety separation, teething, digging and barking, and weight management. Therefore, it is worth buying a Kong toy for your dog.

And there are two kinds of Kong toys. Kong puppy toys for puppies and Senior Kong Toy for older dogs. In addition, there is a color chart which is very convenient for owners to choose the correct Kong toy. Blue and pink toys are for puppies, while red ones are for adult dogs who are average chewers. The black-colored toy is for him if you have a dog who chews strongly. The purple Kong toy has been designed for senior dogs who are older. You can learn more about this superb toy by visiting their website,

Cleaning the Kong Toy

As we mentioned earlier, you can fill the Kong toy with various food. Thus, it quickly becomes filthy because of the food build-up and spittle of the dog. If you do not clean it, it may cause harmful bacteria. What’s more, other troublesome insects and mice will attract the unclean Kong toy. Therefore, cleaning a Kong toy is an important task, especially if you use it daily for your dog.

It is advisable to wash the toy after every use if you fill the burrow with sticky food, like peanut butter. Somehow, if you stuff the toy with dry food, like biscuits, you do not need to wash it daily, but make sure to cover the toy using a plastic bag or another suitable container when your dog does not use it. Then, insects will not be able to attract it.

Are Kongs Dishwasher Safe?

Now you know the importance of cleaning the Kong toy. Let’s discuss how to clean the toy properly. Although your dog thoroughly cleans the toy with his tongue, you must clean it regularly.

Since this toy has a specific manufacturer, let’s have a look at their advice first. Kongs are dishwasher-safe toys, according to the Kong Company. You can clean the toy using a gentle dish detergent. That means you can wash it using the same antibacterial dishwasher soap you normally use for your dishes. Then, you should keep it on the top rack of your dishwasher alongside your dishes. Make sure to keep it only on the top rack because the bottom rack may melt the toy, losing its shape.

Indeed, it is hard to wash this toy by hand because the opening of the toy is too small to scrub the inside. The benefit of cleaning it in the dishwasher is that both the inside and outside of the toy will be cleaned thoroughly by the dishwasher. But it is not advisable to use the dishwasher method more than once or twice a week.

And if you were not able to clean it for a long time, you may want to soak the toy in hot water for a few hours to remove the dirt and hairs before keeping it in the dishwasher.

Hand-wash Method for Kong Toy

This method will help anyone who does not have a dishwasher as well. You can keep the toy in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes until it soaks all the saliva, dirt, or fur inside and outside the toy. The soaking time depends on the condition of the toy. Then, take a bottle brush and gentle soap to scrub the toy thoroughly. You will be able to use a sponge or even your hands for scrubbing if the toy is a small one. After that, wash the Kong and dry it.

You can use a high-powered hose as a quick method for everyday use. It will clean any food particles, although it does not kill bacteria. However, it helps not to attract insects, at least. Does not it?

It is better to buy some extra Kong toys if your dog often plays with them. Then, cleaning will not be a frequent problem for you. And make sure always to give your dog a clean Kong toy. Otherwise, an uncleaned toy may cause various illnesses because of harmful bacteria inside it. If you have any doubts about the toy, the manufacturer will answer them with expert instructions.

We always try to entertain our dogs, and a Kong toy is a great way that helps your dog in different ways. If you have any doubts about this popular toy and its usage, especially its cleanliness, we hope you can solve them from this article.

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